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Poston Chronicle

Poston Official Daily Press Bulletin Vol. III No. 11 (August 4, 1942)

Selected article titles: "Music Dept. to Hold Symphonies" (p. 1), "Fashion Show Wins Applause" (p. 1), "Swimming Water Contaminated" (p. 3), "Water Mains Being Installed" (p. 4).
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Poston Chronicle Vol. IX No. 15 (January 26, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Resignation Tendered by Executive Board" (p. 1), "Rice Consumption Revealed" (p. 1), "Accident Prevention Week Underway in Three Units" (p. 1), "Rain Damages Track; Poston Mail Stopped" (p. 2), "Potatoes from Tule Lake" (p. 3).
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Poston Press Bulletin Vol. VII No. 6 (November 15, 1942)

Selected article titles: "Insecticide Specialist Returns to S.F., Calif." (p. 1), "Main Canteen in Unit I to Be Dedicated Monday with Gala Ceremonies" (p. 1), "Additional Information on Fire Insurance of Community Enterprise" (p. 2).
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Poston Chronicle Vol. XIV No. 4 (July 13, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Fishing Licenses to Go on Sale This Week" (p. 1), "Rubbish Burning Hours Set" (p. 1), "Recruiting for Camp Savage to Reopen" (p. 1).
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Poston Chronicle Vol. XVII No. 2 (December 18, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Anti-Japanese Law Held Unconstitutional" (p. 1), "Poston on Pacific War Time. Timepieces Must be Reset" (p. 1), "Spanish Consul to Arrive" (p. 1).
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Poston Information Bulletin Vol. I No. 16 (May 30, 1942)

Selected article titles: "Poston Gets Colorado Irrigation Water in Two Weeks. Canal Now Within One Mile of City. Will Speed Agricultural Projects" (p. 1), "Dust Storms" (p. 1), "Cooperatives" (p. 1), "Additional Evacuees from Boyle Heights Reach Poston" (p. 1).
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Poston Press Bulletin Vol. VII No. 8 (November 24, 1942)

Selected article titles: "Poston Two Creates Congress: Mediating in Unit I Situation with Unit III as Requested. Congress Represents Majority Residents of Unit II; Outlaws Strike" (p. 1), "Cooperation of Loyal Citizens Lauded by Project Director Head in Public Statement Regarding Recent Poston One Disturbance" (p. 1), "Numerous Rumors Appear ...
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Poston Chronicle Vol. XVII No. 13 (January 20, 1944)

Selected article titles: "Nine Families Leave for Crystal City" (p. 1), "Civil Service Examination Results Issued" (p. 1), "Distribution Committee for Needy Families Appointed" (p. 2).
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Poston Chronicle Vol. XVII No. 30 (February 29, 1944)

Selected article titles: "Notify Change of Address" (p. 1), "Disloyalty Bill Passed" (p. 1), "Unit II Hens Laying Average of 630 Dozen Eggs Per Week, Agriculture Statistics Show" (p. 3), "324 Has Cleanest Mess Latrine Ratings Told" (p. 4).
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Poston Chronicle Vol. XXI No. 8 (October 28, 1944)

Selected article titles: "History of 171st Infantry Battalion, Separate, is Told. Battalion Has Provided About 1,000 Replacement During Last Six Months" (p. 1), "Procedure Issued for Renunciation of Citizenship" (p. 1), "Internal Security Office Issues Warning for Hallowe'en Night" (p. 1).
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