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Visual arts

Frank S. Fujii Segment 40

Developing art as a vocation

This interview was conducted over two days due to electrical problems. The majority of the interview was completed on the second day, September 5.
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Ayame Tsutakawa Interview I Segment 23

A walk through the garden and artwork of husband, George Tsutakawa
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Roger Shimomura Interview Segment 29

Moving away from commercial art, enrolling in painting courses at the University of Washington
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Roger Shimomura Interview Segment 57

Description of performance piece "The Last Sansei Story"
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Japanese glassworker cools down a cocktail glass with a fan

Caption on reverse: "FEC-49-2057. 23 April 49 / Manufacturing glassware in Japan / After twisting, a Japanese worker at / the Hoya Glass Factory, Tokyo, Japan, / fans the stem of a cocktail glass to / cool it to prevent it from losing its / shape. / Photographer - Girard / Photograph by U.S. Army."
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442nd Regimental Combat Team

Nisei soldier's Purple Heart

Purple Heart awarded Minoru Tsubota, Warrant Officer (Junior Grade), 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Combat wounded in Cerebia, Italy, Aug. 24, 1944.
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442nd Regimental Combat Team soldiers in France

Original caption: Japanese-American troops climb into a truck as they prepare to move their bivouac area. 2nd Battalion, 442nd Combat Team, Chambois Sector. France. 10/14/44.
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Basic training

Basic training at Camp Shelby. Firing Browning 30-Calibre heavy meachine gun.
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Nisei soldier relaxing in barracks

Preparations are being made for a parade to be held in Washington, D.C., on July 15, 1946 by the 442nd Combat Team (Japanese-American troops), temporarily stationed at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. 7-6-46. Pfc. Roy Fujihara of 1581 Kauluwela Lane, Honolulu, relaxes in his barracks after a hard drill.
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Nisei soldier standing guard

Original caption: S/Sgt. James S. Kawashime, a Japanese-American from Hanoa Road, Honolulu, Hawaii, stands guard for the 442nd Combat Team, 100th Infantry Bn., U.S. Seventh Army in the Charmois area of France, in bivouac before meeting the Germans in combat for the first time. 10/12/44.
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