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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 102, No. 23 (June 13, 1986)

Selected article titles: "Request for Redress Support Gets Results" (pp. 1, 10), "Canadian Redress Plan Submitted" (pp. 1, 12), and "Talk on Seabrook Farms Slated" (p. 3).
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 103, No. 1 (July 4, 1986)

Selected article titles: "Hearing on Aleut Redress Slated" (p. 1), "Seabrook: A Story of Resilience" (pp. 1, 8), "History Students Get First-Hand Account of Japanese American WW2 Experience" (p. 3), and "The PC Editor Search" (pp. 5, 7).
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Woman in a tomato field

Peggie Yorita holds a bucket of tomatoes from her parents' farm.
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Two Japanese Americans picking strawberries

Shown here are Peggie Yorita and Sho Nakagawa of the Yamashita Shipping Company in a strawberry field.
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Two men and child in a sheep pen

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Woman working in a garden

Mitsue Shiraishi.
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Permanent agricultural work leave

Letter from Sarah "Sade" Pyatt to Kida family

Letter from "Grandma" (Sarah "Sade" Pyatt) to her "children" (the Kida family) dated November 20, 1943. She wrote that James Albert "Al" Johnson came to visit her and said Kay was worried about her. Her health is still quite fragile.
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Letter from Mary Hedley to Miyuki "Kay" Kida and family

Letter from Mary Hedley to Miyuki "Kay" Kida and family in Nyssa, Oregon, dated April 26, 1943. She writes that she received an Easter card from the Kida family. One of her friends (Bertha) had been seriously ill but recovered.
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Draft of a Land Deed from George Kida to James Albert "Al" Johnson

Letter and envelope addressed to George Kida from attorney John McEwen. Contains a draft of an unsigned land deed George had requested, deeding land in White Salmon to James Albert "Al" Johnson.
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Letter from James Albert "Al" Johnson to Miyuki "Kay" Kida

Letter and envelope from James Albert "Al" Johnson to Miyuki "Kay" Kida in Nyssa, Oregon, dated January 1, 1944. Al had returned home from visiting the Kida family. Asks what he owes Kay for the produce and food she had given him. Deputy Walker had taken Mrs. Sarah "Sade" Pyatt ...
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