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Memo from the office of John J. McCloy

Memo from the office of John J. McCloy to an unknown recipient regarding transfer of Hawaiian Kibei to Tule Lake. Author states that Kibei cannot be transferred due to lack of facilities and the fear that the Kibei will add to a growing militant section of internees. This would be ...
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Memo: "Evacuation of Japanese from Hawaii"

Memo from John McCloy to General Eisenhower giving reasons against incarcerating Hawaiian Japanese: lack of materials and shipping, labor shortage that would ensue, and possible tensions between mainland and Hawaiian Japanese. McCloy also worries about the legalities of evacuating Hawaiian Japanese. Suggests that General Emmons should be in charge of ...
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Testimony of Franklin Odo

Written testimony of Franklin Odo, Associate Professor and Director of the Ethnic Studies Program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. This testimony was presented at the CWRIC hearing in Seattle, Washington, on Wednesday, September 9, 1981, in the section titled "The Hawaiian Experience." Personal information excised by Densho.
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Memo from J.R. Deane to John McCloy

Memo from J.R. Deane to John McCloy officially rescinding the previous order to evacuate Hawaiian Japanese to the mainland. This new order states that any person of Japanese ancestry "considered as potentially dangerous to national security" will be interned in Hawaii.
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Japanese language schools

Nisei girls at the Japanese Community Hall

Caption by Homer Yasui: "20 or so Nisei girls gathered along the south side of the Dee Japanese Community Hall this may represent a Japanese language school, because Mrs. Haru Tsuji, who was a Japanese language teacher, is standing in the background."
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Richard H. Yamamoto Segment 11

Attending Japanese language school, or "tip school"

This interview was conducted as part of a project to capture stories of the Japanese American community of Spokane, Washington. Densho worked in collaboration with the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture.
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Ruby Inouye Interview Segment 8

Growing up bilingual; attending Japanese language school
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Granada Federated Christian Church contact list

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Japanese Christian Convention

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Women at Gardena Baptist Church

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