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Children and young adult

Obon Festival- Dancers

Black and white photographic print of six Obon dancers posing for the camera holding small Japanese and American flags. From left to right: Eddie Tamiyasu, Atsuko "Alice" Kida, Jean (Tsujimura) Takashima, Jean Yasuko (Kida) Tomita, Shizuko "Shiz" (Ochiai) Ota Okasaki, Atsuko "Alice" (Matsumoto) Ando. Obon is an annual event hosted ...
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Artist George Tsutakawa with painting

George Tsutakawa, a world reknowned sculptor and painter, is holding a painting made during a camping trip with the Tsutakawa Company.
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Painting done by a Japanese prisoner of war

Given to a Nisei soldier with the U.S. Military Intelligence Service who was interrogating Japanese prisoners in Okinawa.
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Sketch of a dust storm at Manzanar

Caption: "First impression of Manzanar."
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Painting of the rubber extraction process

Caption: "A huge blender speedily stirring gallons of water mixed with chopped guayule, forces rubber out of the wood. This is a mechanical method which has been proved most efficient in extracting rubber from guayule shrubs."
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Painting of a guard during night inspection

Caption: "His bald pate shined as bright as a full moon. At first they inspected the barracks three times a night, waking us. Later, they stopped this."
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Painting of Santa Fe Internment Camp

"A butane tank was used to strike the gong that summoned us to mess hall. Santa Fe internment camp."
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Painting of Japanese Americans leaving for a different camp

Caption: "Bainbridge people bidding farewell as they leave for Minnedoka [sic] relocation camp."
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Painting of a cooking class at Manzanar High School

"A cooking class. What vitamins do potatoes have? Miss Smith teaches her girls in what used to be the kitchen of mess hall 7."
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Painting of a biologist working with guayule

Caption: "A biologist hybidizes [sic] Guayule trying to produce plants superior in quality then those existing now."
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