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Good Ol' Santa

Santa Claus
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Hula dancers performing

Dinner reception for the Ninth Annual California Landscape Gardeners Convention held at Cabana Hotel.
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Looks like a frame up! Agne, Chiz, and George

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Lookout for Harry--Yone & Herman

Landscapers working in front of the Sumitomo Bank of California.
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"Evacuation Day"

Nobuko Omoto Interview Segment 5

Leaving for camp: "It was a very lonely feeling"
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Eiko Shibayama Interview Segment 7

Leaving home, early impressions of camp
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Harry Ueno Interview Segment 9

The day of mass removal: traveling to Manzanar, California, by bus
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Arrest, searches, and seizures

Frank Kitamoto Interview Segment 5

Hearing stories about FBI arrests
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Nobuko Omoto Interview Segment 3

Witnessing family's home raided by the FBI
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Eiko Shibayama Interview Segment 5

Father's arrest by the FBI following the bombing of Pearl Harbor
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