Pre-World War II service

George Koshi Segment 14

Writing to father while in the service

Members of the National Japanese American Historical Society (NJAHS) arranged for and conducted this interview in conjunction with Densho.
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World War I soldier

The man on the left, Henry Matsumoto Jr., was the only person of Japanese descent in the U.S. Navy during World War I.
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Bill Thompson Segment 12

Hawaiian Japanese Americans rush to volunteer for service after the bombing of Pearl Harbor

This interview was conducted at the 1998 Americans of Japanese Ancestry Veterans National Convention, held in Honolulu, Hawaii. Given the full conference schedule, interviews conducted at the reunion were shorter in length than typical Densho interviews ...

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Harvey Watanabe Interview Segment 10

Mobilizing after the bombing of Pearl Harbor
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Letter denying naturalization to Issei male

Until 1952 U.S. law forbade people of Japanese ancestry from becoming naturalized citizens. This letter was sent to George Mitsutaro Yoshihara, an issei male who applied for U.S. citizenship in 1947.
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The Northwest Times Vol. 1 No. 64 (September 9, 1947)

""Mac' Told to K.O. Japan's War-Making Industries; Allied Council Chairman Attacks Soviet Obstruction" (p. 1), "Nisei Demand End of Japan Nationality" (p. 1), "GI-Japanese Bride Reports Help Naturalization Push" (p. 4).
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The Northwest Times Vol. 4 No. 99 (December 13, 1950)

"House Approves Walter Measure" (p. 1), "JACL Calls Attention to Bias on FHA Homes for Veterans" (p. 1), "Fort Lincoln Cemetery Decides to Adopt Segregation Policy" (p. 2).
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Japanese American Citizens League activities

Pacific Citizen, Vol. 107, No. 3 (August 5-12, 1988)

Selected article titles: "Senate Gives H.R. 442 Final Approval, House Next" (pp. 1-2), "Grand Parade to Close '88 Nisei Week" (pp. 1, 7), "No Disgrace in JACL's Admission of Its Wartime Error" (p. 2), and "Violence Against Asians on Important Issue: What Will Replace Redress as JACL's ...
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Report Submitted to Tolan Congressional Committee on National Defense Migration

Report by the Emergency Defense Council, Seattle Chapter, Japanese American Citizens League.
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Document from page of scrapbook

Document titled "Opposition of National JACL to All Test Cases Explained by Masaoka" from scrapbook "Scrapbook: 1943-45."
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