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Spotted Deer

Color slide of three spotted bucks and eight spotted does. Two of the bucks stare directly at the camera while the other nine deer eat grass, possibly inside Washington Park. According to donor processed on June 14, 1964.
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Rose Test Garden

Color slide of the Rose Test Garden in Washington Park. Rows of various types of rose bushes can be seen across the image. Five other visitors can be seen looking at the various rose bushes. According to donor processed on June 14, 1964.
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Black and white photographic negative of an unidentified Nisei woman sitting at a picnic table with her eyes closed.
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At the Beach

Black and white photographic negative of Rose Haruye (Muramatsu) Ouchida standing on the beach with her hands on her hips.
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Mt. Hood Lookout Point

Black and white photographic print of a lookout point over downtown Portland that shows Mt. Hood in the distance. For print please see ONLC 4642 (ddr-one-1-_____)
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Los Angeles

Pacific Citizen, Vol. 67, No. 9 (August 30, 1968)

Selected article titles: "Tone for JACL emphasis in next biennium set by Whitney Young" (p. 1), "JACLer of Biennium: Tak Kubota of Seattle" (p. 1), "Convention pays tribute to Inagaki" (p. 3), "Oriental influx to Monterey Park deplored by Negro. Wants 'out' if it's to be yellow ghetto" (p ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 70, No. 5 (February 6, 1970)

Selected article titles: "Seats limited for Matsunaga talk" (p. 1), "'Project Reading' to be emphasized, ethnic studies also planned in Fowler" (p. 1), "School supplies and craft material needed for shipment to U.S. Indians" (p. 1), "Industrial security act passes 274-65" (p. 1), "JACL pursues justice on Dr. Noguchi ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 45, No. 11 (September 13, 1957)

Select article titles: "JACL hails signing of civil rights bill" (p. 1); "$1.3 Million claims measure signed by Ike" (p. 1); Senate Interior Committee urges Hawaii statehood without further delaying action" (p. 1); "Cut red tape for Nisei hero" 9p. 3); "Texas would bar Negro GIs wedded to German ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 45, No. 9 (August 30, 1957)

Select article titles: "'Voting rights' bill nears approval, JACL calls for enactment by solons" (p. 1); House, Senate Approves over Million Dollars foor Claimants" (p. 1); "Teaching of English in japan Wide-open Field" (p. 2); "Housewife Urges Canada newspaper Drop use of 'Jap' in Headlines" (p. 5); "'Family Hardship' Immigration ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 45, No. 7 (August 16, 1957)

Select article titles: "Matsudaira to cooperate in JACL campaign to depopularize 'Jap'"; "First Evacuee Claim to Court of Claims Filed" (p. 1); "JACL urges congressional action on Dirkson or comparable immigration bill" (p. 1); "Over 200 attend NC-WNDC quarterly hosted by Monterey CLers, hear Czech American tell experiences behind Iron ...
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