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Tulean Dispatch

Tulean Dispatch Vol. 4 No. 80 (February 25, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Military Travel Permits Are Not Needed By Soldiers On Furlough" (p. 1), "Newspapers Favor Nisei War Program" (p. 1), "Watch Shop Prices Are Lower" (p. 1), "Social Affairs to Stop at 11 P.M." (p. 1), "Director Coverley's Message to Parents" (p. 1), "Judo Class to ...
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Tulean Dispatch Vol. IV No. 25 (December 11, 1942)

Selected article titles: "Council Proposal on Tent Factor to be Considered" (p. 1), "Boy Scouts Guard Flag in Manzanar Rioting" (p. 1), "No Violence in Poston Incident" (p. 2), "Two Christmas Choir Concerts Scheduled for Holiday Season" (p. 2).
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Tulean Dispatch Supplement (July 7, 1942)

Selected article titles: "June Pay Tags Ready" (p. 1), "All Students Must Answer Quiz" (p. 3), "Shogi Tourney Sunday in #1608" (p. 3), "Canteen Profit and Loss Statement: May 28 to June 30" (p. 3).
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Tulean Dispatch Vol. V No. 18 (April 10, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Base Hospital Adopts New Clinic Sked. Departure of Personnel Imminent, Dr. Pedicord Reveals" (p. 1), "Spring Karnival Set for Today. Setting is 4608, 1520 408 for Day's Events" (p. 1), "Why College? At HST Sunday" (p. 1).
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Tulean Dispatch Vol. 5 No. 49 (May 17, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Mess Halls Judged Again. Improvement" (p. 1), "Pegler Writes on Evacuees After Visiting Gila Center" (p. 1), "Procedure to Obtain Shoes is Changed Again. Thousands of Previous Applications Returned" (p. 1), "A Big Day is Planned: Co-op Invites Everyone to Grand Picnic on May 23" (p. 3 ...
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Tulean Dispatch Vol. 7 No. 14 (October 14, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Japanese Schools Will Soon Start" (p. 1), "Accident Injures Firemen. Speeding Fire Truck Rolls Twice While Turning Corner" (p. 1), "Public Address System Available for Residents" (p. 1), "Council Studies on Deportation of Japanese" (p. 2), "Utah Camp Terrorists Face Jail and F.B.I. Charges" (p ...
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Tulean Dispatch Vol. 5 No. 75 (June 16, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Resolution of Greetings, Thanks Sent to Coverley" (p. 1), "Procedure for Transfer of Residence in Project" (p. 1), "Urge Full Use of Loyal Aliens in Defense Work" (p. 2), "Change Mail Order Procedure" (p. 3).
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Tulean Dispatch Vol. IV No. 21 (December 7, 1942)

Selected article titles: "Week Long Show of Tule Life" (p. 1), "An Editorial: A Year Ago Today" (p. 1), "White Christmas in the Making. 40,000 Little Americans to be Given Holiday Gifts by Various Organizations, Nisei Soldiers" (p. 1), "Blanket of Snow Covers Tule Lake" (p. 2).
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Tulean Dispatch Vol. III No. 80 (October 19, 1942)

Selected article titles: "Group Will Study Co-op Principles" (p. 1), "Mess Workers Asked to be Patient" (p. 1), "Agent of Oregon Governor Makes Impassioned Plea for Tule Lake Volunteer Labor" (p. 1), "Schools Closed for Another Week" (p. 1), "Social Welfare to Reopen Friday A.M." (p. 1), "Colonists Laugh ...
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Tulean Dispatch Vol. IV No. 24 (December 10, 1942)

Selected article titles: "Tent Factory Here Impossible" (p. 1), "Confiscation of Bank Funds Found Untrue: Letter Reveals Rumors Unfound" (p. 1), "Post Office Increases Staff to Handle Daily Christmas Rush" (p. 1), "Sixth Draft Registration" (p. 1), "Tanforan Clothing Allowances Here" (p. 1), "Christmas Seal Proceeds Will Remain in Colony ...
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