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Artist George Tsutakawa with painting

George Tsutakawa, a world reknowned sculptor and painter, is holding a painting made during a camping trip with the Tsutakawa Company.
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Painting done by a Japanese prisoner of war

Given to a Nisei soldier with the U.S. Military Intelligence Service who was interrogating Japanese prisoners in Okinawa.
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Sketch of scenes at Santa Fe Internment Camp

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Painting of a cooking class at Manzanar High School

"A cooking class. What vitamins do potatoes have? Miss Smith teaches her girls in what used to be the kitchen of mess hall 7."
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Non-incarcerated Japanese Americans

Letter to Henrietta Schoen from Takuyo Togawa

A letter from the wife of a medical staffer at Sante Fe thanking Henrietta Schoen for her correspondence.
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Tad Sato Segment 13

Working for Great Northern Railway allows some to avoid concentration camps

Due to technical difficulties, this interview has audio problems in its second half.
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Hiroko Nakashima Segment 26

Treatment of Japanese Americans in Spokane during the war
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U.S. government propaganda

Propaganda poster: "Every Mile You Drive Over"...

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Propaganda poster: "Your Enemy the Jap"

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Military publication: "Pocket Guide to China"

Government publication used to train soldiers stationed in China. Uses many stereotypical references and drawings about Chinese people and culture. Also includes a section on Japanese people titled: "How to Spot a Jap" (see pages 69-79).
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