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Evanson;\nBirthDate:1890-10-23;\nDeathDate:1986-01-01;\nBirthLocation:North Dakota;\nGender:Female;\nEthnicity:White;\nGenerationIdentifier:;\nNationality:;\nExternalResourceLink:;\nPrimaryGeography:Seattle;\nReligion:;\n  </p>\n </div>\n <div class=\"floatright\">\n </div>\n <div class=\"floatright\">\n </div>\n <p>\n  Middle school teacher to many\n  <a class=\"encyc notrg\" href=\"/Nisei/\" title=\"Nisei\">\n   Nisei\n  </a>\n  in the Seattle area. A longtime teacher at George Washington School in Seattle, Ella C. Evanson (1890–1986), collected the writings of her Japanese American students before and after their confinement in American concentration camps during World War II.  A native of North Dakota, she began her teaching career there. After serving as a clerk in the office of the adjutant general of the army in Washington, DC, during World War I, she moved to Washington state, where she began teaching in 1926. After teaching at B. F. Day Elementary in Seattle, she moved to Washington middle school in 1928, teaching 7th and 8th graders there until retiring in 1956. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Evanson encouraged her students to write about their feelings and continued to collect their writings after they were forcibly removed. The student writings were eventually donated to the University of Washington. Yook K. Pak's 2002 book,\n  <i>\n   Wherever I Go, I Will Always Be a Loyal American: Schooling Seattle’s Japanese Americans During World War II\n  </i>\n  , is based on Evanson's collection. She died in January 1986 at the age of 88.\n </p>\n <div id=\"authorByline\">\n  <b>\n   Authored by\n   <a class=\"encyc notrg\" href=\"/Brian_Niiya/\" title=\"Brian Niiya\">\n    Brian Niiya\n   </a>\n   , Densho\n  </b>\n </div>\n <div id=\"citationAuthor\" style=\"display:none;\">\n  Niiya, Brian\n </div>\n <div class=\"section\" id=\"For_More_Information\">\n  <h2>\n   <span class=\"mw-headline\" id=\"For_More_Information\">\n    For More Information\n   </span>\n  </h2>\n  <div class=\"section_content\">\n   <p>\n    <a class=\"external text offsite\" href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\">\n     Finding aid to the Ella Evanson Scrapbooks\n    </a>\n    , University of Washington Libraries Special Collections.\n   </p>\n   <p>\n    \"Miss Evanson's Class,\"\n    <a class=\"external text offsite\" href=\",wrote%20Ella%20Evanson%20from%20camp.\" rel=\"nofollow\">\n     <i>\n      Camp Harmony Exhibit\n     </i>\n    </a>\n    , University of Washington Libraries,\n   </p>\n   <p>\n    Pak, Yoon K.\n    <a class=\"external text offsite\" href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\">\n     <i>\n      Wherever I Go, I Will Always Be a Loyal American: Schooling Seattle’s Japanese Americans During World War II\n     </i>\n    </a>\n    . New York: RoutledgeFalmer, 2002.\n   </p>\n   <p>\n    Pieroth, Doris Hinson.\n    <i>\n     Seattle's Women Teachers of the Interwar Years: Shapers of a Livable City\n    </i>\n    . Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2004.\n   </p>\n   <!-- \nNewPP limit report\nCached time: 20240104020315\nCache expiry: 86400\nDynamic content: false\nComplications: []\nCPU time usage: 0.010 seconds\nReal time usage: 0.014 seconds\nPreprocessor visited node count: 118/1000000\nPost‐expand include size: 1721/2097152 bytes\nTemplate argument size: 236/2097152 bytes\nHighest expansion depth: 6/40\nExpensive parser function count: 0/100\nUnstrip recursion depth: 0/20\nUnstrip post‐expand size: 0/5000000 bytes\nExtLoops count: 0\n-->\n   <!--\nTransclusion expansion time report (%,ms,calls,template)\n100.00%    6.434      1 -total\n 34.91%    2.246      1 Template:Databox-People\n 21.67%    1.394      1 Template:Published\n 21.19%    1.363      1 Template:AuthorByline\n 19.83%    1.276      1 Template:GoodNonJA\n-->\n   <!-- Saved in parser cache with key encycmw:pcache:idhash:2451-0!canonical and timestamp 20240104020315 and revision id 35854\n -->\n  </div>\n </div>\n</div>\n<div class=\"toplink\">\n <a href=\"#top\">\n  <i class=\"icon-chevron-up\">\n  </i>\n  Top\n </a>\n</div>",
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