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    "body": "<div class=\"mw-parser-output\">\n <div id=\"databox-CampsDisplay\">\n  <table class=\"infobox\" width=\"200px;\">\n   <tbody>\n    <tr>\n     <th scope=\"row\" style=\"text-align:left;\">\n      US Gov Name\n     </th>\n     <td style=\"text-align:left;\">\n      Haiku Camp\n     </td>\n    </tr>\n    <tr>\n     <th scope=\"row\" style=\"text-align:left;\">\n      <a class=\"encyc notrg\" href=\"/Sites_of_incarceration/\" title=\"Sites of incarceration\">\n       Facility Type\n      </a>\n     </th>\n     <td style=\"text-align:left;\">\n     </td>\n    </tr>\n    <tr>\n     <th scope=\"row\" style=\"text-align:left;\">\n      Location\n     </th>\n     <td style=\"text-align:left;\">\n      Haiku, Maui ( lat,  lng)\n     </td>\n    </tr>\n    <tr>\n     <th scope=\"row\" style=\"text-align:left;\">\n      Date Opened\n     </th>\n     <td style=\"text-align:left;\">\n     </td>\n    </tr>\n    <tr>\n     <th scope=\"row\" style=\"text-align:left;\">\n      Date Closed\n     </th>\n     <td style=\"text-align:left;\">\n     </td>\n    </tr>\n    <tr>\n     <th scope=\"row\" style=\"text-align:left;\">\n      Population Description\n     </th>\n     <td style=\"text-align:left;\">\n      Held people of Japanese ancestry, citizens and non-citizens.\n     </td>\n    </tr>\n    <tr>\n     <th scope=\"row\" style=\"text-align:left;\">\n      General Description\n     </th>\n     <td style=\"text-align:left;\">\n     </td>\n    </tr>\n    <tr>\n     <th scope=\"row\" style=\"text-align:left;\">\n      Peak Population\n     </th>\n     <td style=\"text-align:left;\">\n     </td>\n    </tr>\n   </tbody>\n  </table>\n </div>\n <div id=\"databox-Camps\" style=\"display:none;\">\n  <p>\n   SoSUID:;\nDenshoName:Haiku Camp;\nUSGName:Haiku Camp;\nType:;\nAdminAgency:;\nDateOpened:;\nDateClosed:;\nLocationName:Haiku, Maui;\nCityName:Haiku;\nStateName:Honolulu;\nDescription:;\nGISLat:;\nGISLng:;\nGISTGNId:;\nCurrentDisposition:;\nPopulationDescription:Held people of Japanese ancestry, citizens and non-citizens.;\nExitDestination:;\nPeakPopulation:;\nPeakDate:;\nNPSMoreInfoResourceLink:;\nOfficialResourceLink:;\n  </p>\n </div>\n <p>\n  Besides Wailuku County Jail, authorities incarcerated Maui residents at Haiku Camp in tents and temporary structures for a period of time following the\n  <a class=\"encyc notrg\" href=\"/December_7,_1941/\" title=\"December 7, 1941\">\n   Pearl Harbor attack\n  </a>\n  . The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)'s\n  <a class=\"encyc notrg\" href=\"/Custodial_detention_/_A-B-C_list/\" title=\"Custodial detention / A-B-C list\">\n   custodial detention list\n  </a>\n  of December 4, 1941, listed fifty-eight Maui residents to be arrested in the event of war.\n  <sup class=\"reference\" id=\"cite_ref-ftnt_ref1_1-0\">\n   <a class=\"\" href=\"#cite_note-ftnt_ref1-1\">\n    [1]\n   </a>\n  </sup>\n  An FBI memo dated March 30, 1942 indicates that 34 aliens and eight citizens were still interned on Maui as of March 26.\n </p>\n <p>\n  Although the exact location and number of inmates is unknown, Kenneth Okano, who knew about the camp as a child, recalled that it was located on an athletic field about 250 feet toward the ocean of the old Haiku Pineapple Company cannery that was sold to the Hawaiian Plantation company during the war.\n  <sup class=\"reference\" id=\"cite_ref-ftnt_ref2_2-0\">\n   <a class=\"\" href=\"#cite_note-ftnt_ref2-2\">\n    [2]\n   </a>\n  </sup>\n  During the war, the former bachelors' residence used by cannery workers became an officers' club. Maui resident David Lindsay also remembered the general location of the Haiku Camp as the existing Horizon's Academy building located at 740 Haiku Road that may have been part of the Old Haiku Pineapple Company.\n  <sup class=\"reference\" id=\"cite_ref-ftnt_ref3_3-0\">\n   <a class=\"\" href=\"#cite_note-ftnt_ref3-3\">\n    [3]\n   </a>\n  </sup>\n  During the war, Swedish Vice-Council G.W. Olson reported on September 23, 1943 that Haiku Camp was \"the best of all the internment camps in the territory\" noting that as it was a \"most delightful place . . . I would have stayed there than return to the hotel in Wailuku.\"\n  <sup class=\"reference\" id=\"cite_ref-ftnt_ref4_4-0\">\n   <a class=\"\" href=\"#cite_note-ftnt_ref4-4\">\n    [4]\n   </a>\n  </sup>\n  At the time of Olson's visit on September 8, 1943, there were only four internees, only one of whom was a Japanese citizen.\n </p>\n <p>\n  The current area that the camp was likely located in is now a residential area that has no trace of its use as an incarceration site during World War II. The Horizon's Academy building that was the officers' club has been extensively remodeled although the general structure appears to be original. Further research is needed on this and other Maui incarceration sites to determine its exact use, prisoner population, and duration of operation.\n </p>\n <div id=\"authorByline\">\n  <b>\n   Authored by\n   <a class=\"encyc notrg\" href=\"/Kelli_Y._Nakamura/\" title=\"Kelli Y. Nakamura\">\n    Kelli Y. Nakamura\n   </a>\n   , University of Hawai'i\n  </b>\n </div>\n <div id=\"citationAuthor\" style=\"display:none;\">\n  Nakamura, Kelli\n </div>\n <div class=\"section\" id=\"For_More_Information\">\n  <h2>\n   <span class=\"mw-headline\" id=\"For_More_Information\">\n    For More Information\n   </span>\n  </h2>\n  <div class=\"section_content\">\n   <p>\n    Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians.\n    <i>\n     Personal Justice Denied: Report of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians\n    </i>\n    . Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1997.\n   </p>\n   <p>\n    National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior.\n    <i>\n     Honouliuli Gulch and Associated Sites: Draft Special Resource Study and Environmental Assessment, May 2014\n    </i>\n    . Washington D.C.: U.S. Department of the Interior, 2014.\n   </p>\n  </div>\n </div>\n <div class=\"section\" id=\"Footnotes\">\n  <h2>\n   <span class=\"mw-headline\" id=\"Footnotes\">\n    Footnotes\n   </span>\n  </h2>\n  <div class=\"section_content\">\n   <div class=\"reflist\" style=\"list-style-type: decimal;\">\n    <div class=\"mw-references-wrap\">\n     <ol class=\"references\">\n      <li id=\"cite_note-ftnt_ref1-1\">\n       <span class=\"mw-cite-backlink\">\n        <a class=\"\" href=\"#cite_ref-ftnt_ref1_1-0\">\n         ↑\n        </a>\n       </span>\n       <span class=\"reference-text\">\n        Jeffrey F. Burton and Mary M. Farrell,\n        <i>\n         World War II Japanese American Internment Sites in Hawai'i\n        </i>\n        (Tucson, Arizona: n.p., 2007), 37.\n       </span>\n      </li>\n      <li id=\"cite_note-ftnt_ref2-2\">\n       <span class=\"mw-cite-backlink\">\n        <a class=\"\" href=\"#cite_ref-ftnt_ref2_2-0\">\n         ↑\n        </a>\n       </span>\n       <span class=\"reference-text\">\n        Burton, 39.\n       </span>\n      </li>\n      <li id=\"cite_note-ftnt_ref3-3\">\n       <span class=\"mw-cite-backlink\">\n        <a class=\"\" href=\"#cite_ref-ftnt_ref3_3-0\">\n         ↑\n        </a>\n       </span>\n       <span class=\"reference-text\">\n        National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior,\n        <i>\n         Honouliuli Gulch and Associated Sites: Draft Special Resource Study and Environmental Assessment, May 2014\n        </i>\n        (Washington D.C.: U.S. Department of the Interior, 2014), 38.\n       </span>\n      </li>\n      <li id=\"cite_note-ftnt_ref4-4\">\n       <span class=\"mw-cite-backlink\">\n        <a class=\"\" href=\"#cite_ref-ftnt_ref4_4-0\">\n         ↑\n        </a>\n       </span>\n       <span class=\"reference-text\">\n        \"Honouliuli, Haiku, Kalaheo Report,\" Japanese Internment and Relocation: The Hawaii Experience, University of Hawai'i, Hamilton Library, Special Collections, Item 249.\n       </span>\n      </li>\n     </ol>\n    </div>\n   </div>\n   <!-- \nNewPP limit report\nCached time: 20220112182702\nCache expiry: 86400\nDynamic content: false\nComplications: []\nCPU time usage: 0.015 seconds\nReal time usage: 0.022 seconds\nPreprocessor visited node count: 210/1000000\nPost‐expand include size: 2100/2097152 bytes\nTemplate argument size: 288/2097152 bytes\nHighest expansion depth: 5/40\nExpensive parser function count: 0/100\nUnstrip recursion depth: 0/20\nUnstrip post‐expand size: 1651/5000000 bytes\nExtLoops count: 0\n-->\n   <!--\nTransclusion expansion time report (%,ms,calls,template)\n100.00%   17.207      1 -total\n 17.06%    2.936      1 Template:Reflist\n 11.81%    2.032      1 Template:Databox-Camps\n  8.86%    1.524      1 Template:AuthorByline\n  8.63%    1.485      1 Template:Published\n-->\n   <!-- Saved in parser cache with key encycmw:pcache:idhash:1781-0!canonical and timestamp 20220112182702 and revision id 24501\n -->\n  </div>\n </div>\n</div>\n<div class=\"toplink\">\n <a href=\"#top\">\n  <i class=\"icon-chevron-up\">\n  </i>\n  Top\n </a>\n</div>",
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