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    "institution_id": "Vol. 40.  Sec. E, WRA no. G-811",
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    "headword": "Charles_E._Mace",
    "caption": "In this photo, Charles E. Mace and Hikaru Iwasaki are crating hundreds of WRAPS photographs. These were blown-up shots of Japanese American resettlers that were being sent to various WRA camps where they were posted in public areas. To both Mace and Iwasaki the intent was to paint a positive picture of resettlement so that Japanese Americans still in confinement would be more willing to risk leaving camp to re-enter society even while the war was still on. In this sense, these two WRA photographers were in agreement with the WRA's supportive stance toward wartime resettlement.",
    "caption_extended": "Chas. Mace and Hikaru Iwasaki of the WRA Photographic Unit, pack 1044 mounted enlargements for distribution to the centers where they will be displayed to promote relocation in the southern area. -- Denver, Colorado. 2/12/45.",
    "courtesy": "Courtesy of WRA no G-811, War Relocation Authority Photographs of Japanese-American Evacuation and Resettlement, BANC PIC 1967.014--PIC, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley",
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