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442nd Regimental Combat Team

Notification of a Nisei's induction into the military

Letter from the chaplain of the 12th training Regiment at Camp Robinson, Arkansas, to Matahichi Iseri. The letter describes Camp Robinson, where his son, Mitsuo (Mike), had been sent for military training. On January 23, 1942, the government decided to send Japanese American soldiers who were still in service to …
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Instructions to an Issei man regarding the burial of his son

Mitsuo (Mike) Iseri, son of Matahichi and Kisa Iseri, was killed in action during the war. Matahichi Iseri was instructed to fill out a form entitled "Application for Final Disposition of Remains."
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The Northwest Times Vol. 1 No. 7 (January 24, 1947)

"Finch Starts Drive to Aid Hawaii GI's" (p. 1),"Urges Improvement of "Blighted' Areas" (p. 1), "L.A. Council Hits Land Law Section" (p. 1).
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The Northwest Times Vol. 3 No. 12 (February 9, 1949)

"Senate Unit Backs Bill on Equality" (p. 1), "Pvt. Ninomiya Rites Saturday" (p. 1), "Additional Claims Queries, Replies" (p. 2).
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The Northwest Times Vol. 3 No. 41 (May 21, 1949)

"B.C. Union Resolves Not to Oppose to Japanese Getting Fish Licenses" (p. 1), "Local Community Will Pay Tribute to GI Dead May 30" (p. 1),
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Medals and awards

Densho eNews, November 2008

Article titles: "From the Director," "Densho News: Come Join the Fun: Sushi & Sake Fest Is Here!," "Densho November Poll: Japanese American Lawmakers," "New to the Archive: Look inside the Archive: Densho Interviews a Medal of Honor Veteran," "Recommended Resource: Densho at the OHA and The HistoryMakers."
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Soldiers at a train station

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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 68, No. 16 (April 18, 1969)

Select article titles: "Inouye Paints Grim Picture of A-bomb Race" (p. 1); " Reagan to help dedicate Issei plaque" (p. 1); "Oriental Studies at Fresno State Slated for Fall" (p.3); "UC Berkeley commends Asian Studies 100% re-offered for spring quarter; continuation class also slated" (p.4).
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 54, No. 15 (April 13, 1962)

Selected article titles: "'Japanese History' Project Fund Drive Passes 47 pct. Mark of $100,000 Goal" (p.1-2), Urban League Statistics Confirm High Ratio of Nisei Scholarship, Award Winners" (p.1), "Traditional Japanese Customs for Aged Reversed by Postwar Occupation, Retirement at 55 Not as Pleasurable for Many" (p.2), "Issei Pioneers-Yokoyama and Takimoto …
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 50, No.2 (January 8, 1960)

Select article titles: "JACL Invited to Attend Special Civil Rights Planning Parley" (p.1); "Memorial to Honor Issei Sailor to be Placed at San Diego Hospital" (p.1); "Arizona Nisei Denied Marriage License" (p.1); "Pioneer Issei author nearly forgotten man; bed-ridden 15 years by tuberculosis" (p. 6); "Japanese gardens at U.W. arboretum …
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