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Support from the non-Japanese American community

College summer service in a relocation center

Call for college students to meet a "desperate need" by serving as group work leaders supporting community activities, arts and recreation, church vacation Bible schools, and boys and girls clubs in either the Gila River or Manzanar Incarceration Camp; flier states that such service would provide the students with the …
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Suggestions for resolutions about evacuees of Japanese ancestry

Presents arguments and supporting "data" to assert that the claim that "America is a white man's country" is "un-American"; that the Government must make a greater effort to supply housing and financial aid for people who are resettling; that those opposing resettlement are "making a mockery of our war aim …
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Invitation to freedom - A proposal for a program of liberal adult education

Detailed proposal for an "adult education system for the Japanese relocation project at Poston, Arizona"; the author credits the American Friends Service Committee for financial support for research and a trial of the plan. Sections of the report include "Background at Poston"; "Foreground of the Problem"; "The Great Books"; "The …
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Final audit of National Japanese American Student Relocation Council

A report regarding closing operations of the National Japanese American Student Relocation Council. The report covers from May 1, 1946 to June 30, 1946, and regards "the Council's operations during the closing two month period." Topics addressed include financial statements and various aspects of closing operations, including Council staff; treatment …
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Letter from Rose Tani to Rev. Miller, 1942 May 10

Vociferous indictment of the Ladies aid of the Methodist Church for holding a luncheon picnic for "Japanese leaving Santa Anita," and similar efforts, stating that such overtures to "entertain enemies of their native land" are "traitor[ous]" and "disgrace the good sense of American woman hood." See this object in the …
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Clara S. Hattori Interview I Segment 13

Helping construct fruit baskets after school for family's farm
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Clara S. Hattori Interview I Segment 9

Helping on the family farm, tending the chickens
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Clara S. Hattori Interview I Segment 6

Father builds a home with the help of friends and fellow church members
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Hatsuko Mary Higuchi Segment 5

Helping mother on the family's farm after father's passing
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Gordon Hirabayashi Interview I Segment 16

Operating a farm co-op at a time when Issei weren't allowed to own land, losing it all in court
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