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Support from the non-Japanese American community

Letter from Friends of the American Way

In this letter, the Friends of the American Way, an activist group sympathetic to Japanese Americans, expressed its condolences to Matahichi and Kisa Iseri following the death of their son, Mitsuo (Mike) Iseri, who had served in the military.
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Longshoremen Back Loyal Japanese (June 5, 1945)

The Seattle Daily Times, June 5, 1945, p. 10
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Times Readers Have Their Say (August 20, 1945)

The Seattle Daily Times, August 20, 1945, p. 6
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Aid to Japanese (May 5, 1942)

The Seattle Daily Times, May 5, 1942, p. 12
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Petition to Congress from the Presbytery of the Redwoods

This group protests the evacuation of Japanese Americans on the grounds that it is unconstitutional. They suggest holding hearings in camps and then allowing the innocent to return home. They also warn that harsh treatment of Japanese Americans will fuel Japanese propaganda and lead to punishment of American POWs.
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Lon Inaba Interview Segment 6

The impact of the alien land laws on grandparents' farm
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Lon Inaba Interview Segment 8

Grandparents' relationships with the Native Americans, leasing land
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Lon Inaba Interview Segment 5

Grandparents' early farming on the Yakama Reservation
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Lon Inaba Interview Segment 21

Returning with brother to the family farm to help father
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Lon Inaba Interview Segment 22

Using engineering background to improve the farm
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