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German and Italian detainees

Pacific Citizen, Vol. 111, No. 17 (November 23, 1990)

Select article titles: "Initial JACL Legacy Fund Report Notes $242,000 from 383 Donors"(p.1);"German Americans Detained in WWII Texas Camps Seek Redress"(p.1);"Mulroney Apologizes to Italians, But No Mention of Compensation"(p.1); "Marine Corps Charged with Racial Discrimination by Hawaiian Sansei"(p.2).
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 114, No. 13 (April 3, 1992)

Select article titles: "Support shows for civil liberties act amendments" (p. 1); "Museum moves into new facility" (p. 1); "German American loses redress case" (p. 1).
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Memorandum Captain Gabraiele Locatelli and Mayor Genji Mihara on Geneva Convention and Alien Enemy Detainees

P.N. McLaughlin, Acting Supervisor of Alien Detentions, lists rules under the Geneva Convention that will be followed at Ft. Missoula for the Italian and Japanese detainees.
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