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Discriminatory laws

Frank Miyamoto Interview I Segment 10

The establishment of business associations in Seattle's Japantown
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James Yamazaki Interview Segment 11

Changes in the Japanese American community after the Immigration Act of 1924

This material is based upon work assisted by a grant from the Department of the Interior, National Park Service. Any opinions, finding, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not …

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Frank Miyamoto Interview II Segment 15

Impact of Immigration Act of 1924 upon the Japanese American community and businesses
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Frank Miyamoto Interview II Segment 14

The Immigration Act of 1924: "perhaps the worst thing that could have happened to international relations"
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Daniel Inouye Segment 3

Mother's loss of citizenship

This interview was conducted at the senator's office in Honolulu, Hawaii, as part of a series of interviews with veterans attending the 1998 Americans of Japanese Ancestry Veterans National Convention held in Honolulu, Hawaii. Because of the full conference schedule, the interviews were generally shorter in …

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Anti-immigration sentiment

America's Frown Has Put End to Japanese Colonization Scheme. President Taft Submits to Senate Statement by Knox Announcing Attitude Assumed by United States. Sale of Property in Mexico Discouraged. (May 1, 1912)

The Seattle Daily Times, May 1, 1912, pp. 1, 4
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Washington Regards Situation as Grave (September 10, 1907)

The Seattle Daily Times, September 10, 1907, p. 5
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Would Exclude Asiatic Labor. Senator Phelan Wants Democratic Convention to Adopt Anti-Oriental Plank. To Protect Oil Lands. (June 18, 1920)

The Seattle Daily Times, June 18, 1920, p. 4
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The Japanese Tidal Wave (April 24, 1900)

The Seattle Daily Times, April 24, 1900, p. 1
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Ocean Baby Carriers Are Latest Part of New Japanese System (October 8, 1916)

The Seattle Daily Times, October 8, 1916, p. 21
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