Japanese Canadians

Pacific Citizen, Vol. 102, No. 7 (February 21, 1986)

Selected article titles: "Hirabayashi Celebrates Victory" (pp. 1, 5), "Noted Architect Yamasaki Dies" (p. 1), "East Wind: The Canadian Nisei" (p. 4), and "From the Frying Pan: Overseas Japanese" (p. 5).
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Scrapbook page: "In Canada"

Two newspaper clippings from the Pacific Citizen, one of which is titled "Evacuees in Canada: Special Inducements Offered By Dominion to 'Repatriates.'"
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Canada to Bar Japs After War (August 4, 1944)

The Seattle Daily Times, August 4, 1944, p. 14
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Incarceration during World War II

Anne Yuki Watanabe Interview Segment 2

Paternal grandparents' experiences as Japanese Canadians during World War II
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'Playful' Japs, Detained In B.C., Stage Riot (May 14, 1942)

The Seattle Daily Times, May 14, 1942, p. 14
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B.C. Japs, Sent Inland, Can't Take Families (March 23, 1942)

The Seattle Daily Times, March 23, 1942, p. 9
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Life in Canada

Pacific Citizen, Vol. 47, No. 16 (October 17, 1958)

Select article titles: "JACL hails quick FBI move against Jewish temple vandals" (p.1); "Racial discrimination in home-buying hits Toronto area Japanese for 1st time" (p.2)
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 51, No. 7 (August 12, 1960)

Select article titles: " Keep partisan politics out of civil rights bill, JACL asks" (p.1); "USIA director in director believes June riots of Tokyo students not typical of basic attitude of Japanese toward Americans" (p. 3); "Japanese language disappearing among Nisei in Canada, researchers report" (p. 7)
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Redress and reparations

Pacific Citizen, Vol. 103, No. 10 (September 5, 1986)

Edition contains Scholarship Supplement, A-D, between pages 4 and 5. Selected article titles: "'Little Girl in Picture' Nets House Co-Sponsor" (p. 1), "NCJAR Asks Supreme Court to Review Suit" (pp. 1, 7), "East Wind: Meanwhile, Up in Canada" (p. 4), and "Preventive Measures Urged to Curb Violence" (p. 7).
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 102, No. 23 (June 13, 1986)

Selected article titles: "Request for Redress Support Gets Results" (pp. 1, 10), "Canadian Redress Plan Submitted" (pp. 1, 12), and "Talk on Seabrook Farms Slated" (p. 3).
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