Support from the non-Japanese American community

Mary Nomura Interview Segment 13

Receiving support from non-Japanese American groups
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Chiyoko Yagi Interview Segment 18

Being visited in camp by non-Japanese friends from home
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Yoshimi Matsuura Interview Segment 13

Remembering some acts of kindness from friends and neighbors
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Ernest Besig Interview Segment 3

The ACLU's position on the incarceration, and thoughts on the Japanese American Citizen's League

This interview was conducted by sisters Emiko and Chizuko Omori for their 1999 documentary, Rabbit in the Moon, about the Japanese American resisters of conscience in the World War II incarceration camps. As a result, …

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442nd Regimental Combat Team

Letter from Tak Hattori to Lt. Col. Lewis with copies of articles on Anti-Tank Company

Includes copies of articles and literature on the Anti-Tank Company compiled by Tak Hattori, which were sent to Lt. Col. Lewis as they relate to the 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team, along with a letter. In the letter, he includes his account of the 517th. Includes photocopied articles on the …
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Letter from Henry Y. Ikemoto, President, AT Chapter, to Anna Honeycutt, Airborne and Special Operations Museum Foundation, February 11, 1999

In the letter, Henry Y. Ikemoto wrote about a Chicago Tribune article, "The drop zone gives voice to oral histories of WWII" by Charles Leroux, which featured Toro Hirose, a member of the Anti-Tank Company, and offers further information on Anti-Tank Company members. See this object in the California State …
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Letter from Shirley Cobb, [volunteer], American Red Cross, to Kune Hisatomi, Pfc., U.S. Army, [March 5, 1945?]

Correspondence from Shirley Cobb, American Red Cross volunteer, to Kune Hisatomi, Pfc., U.S. Army. Shirley Cobb described her work and the weather in Italy. She also criticized the war and people's optimistic view. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: ike_01_01_006
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100th Infantry Battalion

Satsuki Ina Segment 10

While in separate camps, parents exchanged clandestine notes about the future
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Satsuki Ina Segment 11

Parents disagree on whether to live in Japan after World War II
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Art Hansen Interview Segment 3

Impressions after attending a reunion of resisters

This interview was conducted by filmmaker Frank Abe for his 2000 documentary, Conscience and the Constitution, about the World War II resisters of conscience at the Heart Mountain incarceration camp. As a result, the interviews in this collection are typically not life …

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