Support from the non-Japanese American community

Bob Y. Sakata Interview Segment 13

Relocating to Colorado after hearing about the policies of Colorado Governor Carr
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Kay Matsuoka Segment 33

Christian missionaries' weekly visits to camp lead to conversion
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Nobu Suzuki Interview II Segment 6

Experiencing prejudice on the way to Spokane

References are made to several of Nobu Suzuki's personal papers, which are currently available for public perusal at the University of Washington's Manuscripts and University Archives.
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Fumiko Hayashida Segment 30

Receiving a visit from former high school teacher
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442nd Regimental Combat Team

Nisei soldier with friends

Soldier Ben Matsumoto is surrounded by inmates at the Minidoka concentration camp. The following people can be identified: Kaz Tsujimoto (wearing the white V-neck sweater) and his brother, Stan, is to his left holding the cigarette. Hiro Nishimoto is in front and Ben Tsujimoto is on the far right.
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Unveiling of the Brothers in Valor World War II memorial monument

Unveiling ceremony for the Brothers in Valor World War II memorial monument, which honors Nisei soldiers who served during World War II.
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Japanese American four-star general

Joseph Kamikawa (left) and General Eric Shinseki. General Shinseki was a keynote speaker at this reunion for Nisei veterans.
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100th Infantry Battalion

Satsuki Ina Segment 10

While in separate camps, parents exchanged clandestine notes about the future
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Satsuki Ina Segment 11

Parents disagree on whether to live in Japan after World War II
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Sam Horino Interview Segment 15

Brothers' thoughts on resistance stand

This interview was conducted by filmmaker Frank Abe for his 2000 documentary, Conscience and the Constitution, about the World War II resisters of conscience at the Heart Mountain incarceration camp. As a result, the interviews in this collection are typically not life histories, instead …

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