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Military Intelligence Service

The Northwest Times Vol. 2 No. 28 (March 27, 1948)

"Nisei War Memorial Committee Awaits Fund Report from Tacoma; $9,053.65 Total as of March 25" (p. 1), "Two Nisei GI's Die in Crash of C-47 Plane" (p. 1), "Cannery Leaders Begin Talks" (p. 1),
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The Northwest Times Vol. 1 No. 38 (June 3, 1947)

"Lest We Forget : The GI's Who Didn't Come Back " (p. 1), "Hears Pleas for Claims Board Bill" (p. 1),"MISLS to Send Teams East" (p. 4).
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Military Intelligence Service Language School Graduation Program

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Military Intelligence Service Language School program

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The Northwest Times Vol. 4 No. 78 (September 30, 1950)

"Confusion Reigns in the Nation's Capitol After House, By a Whopping Majority, Votes to Override Vetoed Walter Bill" (p. 1), "Congress Amends Trading Act" (p. 1), "Volunteer Solicitors Cover District in Annual Community Chest Campaign; Our Goal This Year Will be $9,100" (p. 1).
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The Northwest Times Vol. 1 No. 7 (January 24, 1947)

"Finch Starts Drive to Aid Hawaii GI's" (p. 1),"Urges Improvement of "Blighted' Areas" (p. 1), "L.A. Council Hits Land Law Section" (p. 1).
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Densho eNews, July 2008

Article titles: "From the Director," "From the Archive: From Island to Mainland: Detainees of Hawaii," "Densho News: Calls for National Interviewee Nominations," "Densho Presents in Denver and Salt Lake City," "Densho Staff Blog."
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Chapter 8: At War Relocation Authority

Unpublished autobiographical writing by C. Moxley Featherston about the years he worked at the War Relocation Authority as an lawyer. The writing includes stories from his years a Project Attorney at Gala River, Granada, and Minidoka, and his thoughts about the legal arguments and politics surrounding the incarceration. He was …
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Judge Admits Ito To Practice In Federal Courts (April 24, 1936)

The Seattle Daily Times, April 24, 1936, p. 7
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36 New Lawyers Are Given Oath (February 14, 1936)

The Seattle Daily Times, February 14, 1936, p. 8
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