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Other forms of resistance

Army Sentences 5 Balking Japs (April 13, 1944)

The Seattle Daily Times, April 13, 1944, p. 8
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Court Upholds Curfew on Japs (April 15, 1942)

The Seattle Daily Times, April 15, 1942, p. 19
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Jap-Americans Refuse to Drill (March 22, 1944)

The Seattle Daily Times, March 22, 1944, p. 12
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Liberties Union Backs Jap Suit (August 20, 1942)

The Seattle Daily Times, August 20, 1942, p. 32
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Sketch of room for Frank Emi's hearing for leave clearance

by Frank Emi
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Letter to Michi and Walter Weglyn from Kiku Funabiki

Re: telling the story of resisters in the military, and lack of support for Japanese S. Americans incarcerated.
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Report on conversation between Minoru Tamesa and Samuel Menin

Menin served as attorney for the original trial of Heat Mountain resisters
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Denial of parole for Frank Emi

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Interview with Uhachi Tamesa

Incomplete transcript of interview
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Letters from Cedrick Shimo

Re: 1993 Heart Mt. Resisters program and participation of military resisters, particularly from the 1800 and Disciplinary Barracks Boys (DB Boys) from Fort Riley
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