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War Relocation Authority (WRA)

Frank Miyamoto Interview Segment 8

The War Relocation Authority's shift in policy: attempt to resettle Japanese Americans outside of camp

This interview was conducted by sisters Emiko and Chizuko Omori for their 1999 documentary, Rabbit in the Moon, about the Japanese American resisters of conscience in the World War II incarceration camps. As a …

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Letter to John McCloy from Lt. General J.L. DeWitt

Summary of intelligence report of individuals considered for segregation
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Project Report No. 47: "Straws in the Wind: An inquiry into the causes of the recent flare-ups"

Report filed by Togo Tanaka and Joe Masaoka
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WRA Alien's Travel Permit

For Uhachi Tamesa to travel to Seattle
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Statement by Milton S. Eisenhower to Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians (CWRIC)

36 pages
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Statement by John J. McCloy to Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians (CWRIC)

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Notice from Roy Nash, project director at Manzanar

Informing internees about trying to cross the sentry lines of camp
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Memo to Lt. Green from C.E. Rachford

Request for guards to be placed around blocks in Heart Mountain for Japanese residents
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Letter to Milton S. Eisenhower, Director WRA from Mike Masaoka

Copy of letter with recommendations for establishing and administering relocation camps.
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FBI memos from Dies Sub-Committee hearings on Japanese Americans

Copies of memos concerning Mike Masaoka's testimony before committee
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