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Mike Murase Interview II Segment 7

Learning about campaigning and coalition building
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Mike Murase Interview II Segment 5

Volunteering with Jesse Jackson's 1984 presidential campaign
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Mike Murase Interview II Segment 6

Bringing lessons of Jesse Jackson's 1984 campaign to 1988
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Sharon Maeda Interview Segment 13

Working with political campaigns
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Katsugo Miho Interview VII Segment 10

Enacting the Horizontal Property Regime Law
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Running for office

Clarence T. Arai Enters Contest for House Seat (July 18, 1934)

The Seattle Daily Times, July 18, 1934, p. 5
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Arai, Legislature Candidate, Hits 'Isms' (August 28, 1936)

The Seattle Daily Times, August 28, 1936, p. 8
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 44, No. 8 (February 22, 1957)

Selected article titles: "Deadline seen for claims compromise: Dec. 31, 1958 target date planned as government confers with attorneys" (p. 1); "Anti-Nisei Film on TV Protested by C.L. Offical" (p. 1); I&NS extends alien pre-exam method for status change" (p.1); U.S. admits 5,200 from Japan in 1956, mostly as GI …
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 62, No. 7 (February 16, 1966)

Select article titles: "Greater participation of Nisei in gov't urged at San Jose JACL installation" (p.1); "Immigration history of U.S. told in brief in forthcoming 'This Week'" (p.1); "South Seattle Farming Areas May Be Boeing's" (p.1).
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 62, No. 4 (Janurary 28, 1966)

Select article titles: "West Point Sansei graduate killed in Viet Cong ambush" (p. 1); "Time Ripe Now for Nisei to Run for Political Office, Aiso urges" (p. 1); "Don't become too Americanized, Contra Costa told" (p. 1); "Castaways Leave Mark on History" (p. 2).
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