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June Yasuno Aochi (Yamashiro) Berk Segment 14

A memorable role in a Hollywood film with Jerry Lewis
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Satsuki Ina Segment 7

Community response to film about parents' wartime experiences
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Letter from Cy Donner to Michi Weglyn, June 2, 1967

A letter from Cy Donner to Michi Weglyn encouraging her to come out to California to talk to producers about two shows called "Youthquake" and "Pretty Talk". See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: chi_10_017
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Chapter 6 and 7 personality cards

Journal entries written by high school students discussing their observations and perspectives on a variety of topics including living in barracks, block noise, lack of privacy, mess hall dining, nosy neighbors, jobs, leisure time, sports, movies, church attendance, the Young Buddhist Association (YBA), family dynamics, social changes, dating, and rumors. …
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Recreational activities in the Gila community

Report detailing the establishment of the Community Activities Department to organize sports, dances, a library, movies, talent shows, drama performances, and lectures by the National Park Service about the desert environs. Includes description of issues with the installation of organized recreation due to lack of funding and personnel issues. Report …
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June Yasuno Aochi (Yamashiro) Berk Segment 4

Father's work as a gardener and teacher of gidayu, a type of reciting used in Japanese puppet theater
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Frank Yamasaki Interview II Segment 8

Prewar leisure activities: theater performances, church picnics, sports
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Hiroshi Kashiwagi Interview Segment 26

While in school, writing first play, based on a postwar experience, and seeing it performed
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Hiroshi Kashiwagi Interview Segment 27

Writing another play, Laughter and False Teeth about the moral breakdown and corruption of the camp society
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Hiroshi Kashiwagi Interview Segment 32

Acting with Asian American theater groups
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