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Elliot Yoshinobu Horikoshi Interview Segment 4

A few childhood memories of camp, father's work setting up Christian churches
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Tsuguo "Ike" Ikeda Interview I Segment 17

Participating in camp activities, high school, church, dances

As a teenager prior to World War II, began keeping scrapbooks with newspaper articles and memorabilia, a lifetime habit.
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Mary Kinoshita Ikeda Interview Segment 18

The role of the Christian leaders in camp
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Kay Matsuoka Segment 33

Christian missionaries' weekly visits to camp lead to conversion
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Los Angeles

An Oral History with Mitsuhiko H. Shimizu - Segment 1

Issei community leader and businessman in Los Angeles's Little Tokyo recounts his arrest by Federal Bureau of Investigation after Pearl Harbor, his experiences in internment camps in North Dakota and Louisiana, and the Manzanar incarceration camp, California. This oral history was conducted for the Japanese American Oral History Project, Oral …
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An Oral History with Katsuma Mukaeda - Segment 1

Chairman of Japanese American Cultural Center and former president of Japanese Chamber of Commerce recounts conditions of prewar Los Angeles's Little Tokyo, its wartime conversion into a black community, postwar reestablishment as a Japanese-American cultural and commercial center. Includes comments on discriminatory legislation, prewar Japan-American relations. World War II removal …
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An Oral History with Reverend Seytsu Takahashi - Segment 1

Issei Buddhist bishop and superintendent of Kayasan Temple in Little Tokyo since 1931 recounts his wartime experiences and internment at Fort Missoula, Montana; Livingstone, Louisiana; and Crystal City, Texas. Transcribed in both Japanese and English. This oral history was conducted for the Japanese American Oral History Project, Oral History Program, …
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Elliot Yoshinobu Horikoshi Interview Segment 2

Growing up in Salem, Oregon, where father was a Methodist minister
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Stanley N. Shikuma Interview I Segment 4

Father's family's church activities
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Art Abe Interview Segment 30

Finding creative ways of financing construction of church
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