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Housing discrimination

Pacific Citizen, Vol. 58, Vol. 11 (March 13, 1964)

Selected article titles: "Senate Strategy to Defeat Filibuster on Rights Bill Seen" (p.1-2), "Open Housing Law in Seattle Beaten by 2-1 Margin" (p.1-2), "Dr. Morton Grodzin, History Project Resource, Dies" (p.1), "Civil Liberties Clearing House Parley Next Week" (p.3), "Sponsors of Bill Repealing Miscegenation Law Feted" (p.4).
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 59, Vol. 6 (August 7, 1964)

Selected article titles: "Negro Mayor of Richmond to Address NC-WNDC" (p.1), "Clers Get Answers Refuting Charges against Prop. 14" (p.1, 4), "30 pct. Of Eligible Nisei Registered as Voters in San Francisco County" (p.1), "Impact of HR 7700 on Labor Market Said Insignificant" (p.1), "Calif. Eager to Hire Language Class …
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 59, Vol. 12 (September 18, 1964)

Selected article titles: "First Test of Closed Primary in Hawaii Oct. 3" (p.1-2), "East Bay Voter Registration Bid Is Significant" (p.1), "Japanese American Groups and Leaders Go for 'No on 14'" (p.1), "Nisei Interpreters Lauded at 20th Anny. Reunion of Merrill's Marauders" (p.1), "430,135 Japanese Counted in Brazil" (p.1), "Sparky's …
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 59, Vol. 25 (December 11, 1964)

Selected article titles: "Supreme Court Still Silent on Miscegenation" (p.1-2), "NAACP-ACLU Tactics to Challenge Prop. 14 in Courts" (p.1), "Japanese History Project Steps Up Interviews in Intermountain, Learn Mining Camps of Old West where Issei Toiled Disappearing" (p.1), "House Rule Reforms" (p.2-3).
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 59, Vol. 26 (December 18-25, 1964)

Selected article titles: "Assisting in Formation of National Jr. JACL" (p.A1, 3), "Japanese American Research Project: Answers to Six Basic Questions Most Often Asked" (p.A1-2, 5), "Most Important Legislative Enactment: Civil Rights Act" (p.A5), "Evacuation Claims Tax Liability" (p.A6), "JACL Views on Proposed Immigration Legislation" (p.A6), "Sansei in Mississippi" (p.A10-11), …
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 58, Vol. 19 (May 8, 1964)

Selected article titles: "'Twilight Zone' Episode Repeats Pearl Harbor Rumor against Nisei" (p.1), "Purpose and Use of JACL's New Civil Rights Fund Aired" (p.1-2), "President Johnson Commends JACL for Efforts against Discrimination" (p.1); "Status of Civil Rights Bill" (p.2), "JACLer Glad to Have Picketed against Housing Initiative" (p.2), "Racial Quotas …
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 59, Vol. 7 (August 14, 1964)

Selected article titles: "Judge Black Backs Civil Rights Act Accommodations" (p.1), "Federal Urban Renewal Fundsd Jeopardized by Prop. 14 Nod" (p.1), "Nisei in Snake River Valley Area Active in Local Community, Civic Programs" (p.1), "New Japanese Town in Salt Lake Proposed as Civic Auditorium Complex Underway" (p.1), "Salt Lake JACLers …
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 59, Vol. 19 (November 6, 1964)

Selected article titles: "7,000,000 Californians Vote; Dump Fair Housing Law 2-1" (p.1), "Civil Rights Law Compliance Widespread, President Declares" (p.1), "Hawaii High Court Affirms GI Vote Ban" (p.1), "JHP Interviewers in Urban Areas Facing Deadline" (p.1), "Hawaii Press Bares Campaign Racism" (p.3).
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 58, Vol. 25 (June 19, 1964)

Selected article titles: "President Johnson May Sign Civil Rights Omnibus July 4" (p.1-2), "JACL Convention to Fete Ben Kuroki for Aiding Evacuees" (p.1), "PSWDC Proposals to Defeat Housing Initiative Bared" (p.1), "Denaturalized Issei Overstaying Abroad Asked to Reapply" (p.1), "Questions of Youth Assembly" (p.2), "Canada Not Proud of Wartime Treatement …
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 59, Vol. 24 (December 4, 1964)

Selected article titles: "'Under God' Pledge Test Wins in Court" (p.1-2), "Prop. 14 Roadblock against Urban Renewal Projects in California Partly Removed" (p.1), "Freedom Worker Marilyn" (p.1-2), "Johnson's 'Great Society'" (p.2), "$7-Million Playland Projected by Nisei" (p.3), "Urge Formation of Youth Council in Pacific N.W." (p.4).
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