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Rohwer Outpost

Rohwer Outpost Vol. III No. 39 (November 13, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Situation at Tule Lake Center" (p. 1), "Subsistence Grants Based on Family Size, Needs" (p. 1), "Farm Yields Winter Crops" (p. 1), "Senior High School Attains 100% Goal" (p. 2), "Evacuee Farm Workers Aid in Harvesting Sugar Beets" (p. 3).
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Rohwer Outpost Vol. VI No. 4 (January 6, 1945)

Selected article titles: "Local Nisei Among G.I.'s Commended" (p. 1), "Give Series on Post-Exclusion" (p. 1), "Info Available on Renunc'tion" (p. 1), "Adult Education: Registration for Beginners" (p. 2), "Whooping Cough Serum Received" (p. 4).
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Rohwer Relocator Vol. I No. 28 (November 9, 1945)

Selected article titles: "Center Residents to be Gone by November 30" (p. 1), "Change in Pick-Up Time" (p. 1), "Last Issue of Japanese Section" (p. 2), "This Week Sets Relocation Record" (p. 2), "Topaz Closes" (p. 2), "Issei Discussion Group Meet in Chicago" (p. 4), "Friends Committee Finds Housing in …
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Rohwer Outpost Vol. V No. 47 (December 6, 1944)

Selected article titles: "Rohwer Casualties: Center's Casualty List Mounts" (p. 1), "Senior Hi Co-Ed Queen Contest Nears Climax" (p. 1), "Lumberjacking District Plan" (p. 3).
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Rohwer Outpost Vol. III No. 20 (September 8, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Preparations Made: Notices, Lumber, Baggage Data Distributed to Tule-Bound Group" (p. 1), "Gripsholm Substitutes Go to Tule Lake Via Rohwer" (p. 1), "I.S. Declares Certain Articles Contraband" (p. 1), "Go to Chicago, Young Man!" (p. 3), "Listed Names of Exchange Ship Holdovers Released" (p. 3), "Editorial: 'Something …
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Rohwer Outpost Vol. VI No. 15 (February 14, 1945)

Selected article titles: "Sign-ups for Civil Service Examinations" (p. 1), "Will Help Fill Out Tax Blanks" (p. 1), "Delegates of Seven Ctrs. Meet in Utah: Conference to Last from 16-20" (p. 1), "AER Will Aid Soldiers and Their Dependents" (p. 1), "Assure Equality for Nisei Students, Sproul" (p. 3).
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Rohwer Outpost Vol. II No. 6 (January 20, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Clothing Allowance Begins. All Blocks to be Covered by Friday; Schedule Released" (p. 1), "Rohwer Citizen Loses Life in Line of Duty; Struck by Tree" (p. 1), "Residents Must File WCCA, WRA Wages on Income Tax Returns" (p. 1), "Four WRA Employment Offices Open in Midwest" (p. …
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Rohwer Junior High School Roar, Vol. III No. 13 (April 6, 1945)

Selected article titles: "4 Relocates to California" (p. 1), "Assembly 8-3" (p. 1).
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Rohwer Outpost Vol. V No. 28 (September 30, 1944)

Selected article titles: "3 Investigate Ordnance Depot" (p. 1), "Photo Studio Opens Monday" (p. 1), "Nisei May Renounce American Citizenship" (p. 1), "Memorial Service: Rohwer Honors Her Soldier Dead" (p. 1), "National Groups to Enact Recreational Institutes" (p. 3).
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Rohwer Outpost Vol. VI No. 16 (February 17, 1945)

Selected article titles: "Snelling Men to Help with Family Plans" (p. 1), "Myer on Availability of Insurance in Calif." (p. 1), "Special Chair Car for Cal. Returnees" (p. 1).
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