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Higher education

Draft letter to Master System Designing School

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Japanese American man

Young Japanese American man lounging on the grass at the University of Washington campus
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Letter to Kinnosuke Yanagihara from T.J. Matsuwota

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Japanese Americans at the University of Washington

A group of Japanese Americans pose in front of the George Washington statue located on the campus of the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. The statue was created by Lorado Taft, also the sculptor of the Fountain of Time.
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The 1955 University of Washington Husky bowling team

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Frank Miyamoto Interview Segment 1

Prewar activities: attending the University of Washington, conducting a study of the Seattle Japanese American community for master's thesis

This interview was conducted by sisters Emiko and Chizuko Omori for their 1999 documentary, Rabbit in the Moon, about the Japanese American resisters of conscience in the World War II …

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Gene Akutsu Segment 2

Growing up around "Profanity Hill," Seattle, Washington
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Akiko Kurose Interview I Segment 10

The ethnic diversity of prewar Seattle
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Akiko Kurose Interview I Segment 4

Growing up in an ethnically diverse neighborhood in prewar Seattle
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Emery Brooks Andrews Interview Segment 5

Father's early involvement with the Seattle Japanese American community, and the Seattle Japanese Baptist Church
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