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Jane Kaihatsu Interview Segment 10

Feeling like an "outsider" while growing up
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Jane Kaihatsu Interview Segment 4

Learning about family's wartime story
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Gary Yamagiwa Interview Segment 6

Understanding Japanese as a child
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Alan Nishio Segment 7

Hearing about "camp" but not understanding what it was until doing research in college
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Gary M. Itano Interview Segment 6

Participating in Japanese community activities and traditions
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Ron Wakabayashi Segment 8

Psychological problems suffered by the Sansei generation after World War II
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Ron Wakabayashi Segment 6

Finding connections to previous generations through experiences like visiting the site of the Manzanar concentration camp
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Ron Wakabayashi Segment 7

Involvement with AADAP, the Asian American Drug Abuse Program
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John Tateishi Segment 1

Living in West Los Angeles just after World War II
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Satsuki Ina Segment 12

Unearthing childhood memories of camp through sharing with others
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