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Evacuation claims settlement sheet

Under the Japanese American Evacuation Claims Act, Matahichi Iseri claimed $246 in damages from losses due to World War II. In 1952, the Justice Department awarded him a compromise settlement of $226. He was fortunate to receive an amount so close to his original claim, since many Japanese Americans received …
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Application for relocation assistance

This application for relocation assistance was filled out on February 15, 1946, by Mae Iseri, under her married name of Mae Yamada. The application lists herself and her two sons. They wished to relocate to Kent, Washington, and were granted $25.
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Group of women and children sitting at outdoor table

Likely at the Anderson Ranch Dam project. Printed on front: April 1946
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Leave clearances

Approval of indefinite leave for resettlement for Kichio Allen Arai and Nobu Arai.
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Densho eNews, June 2008

Article titles: "From the Director," "From the Archive: New Neighbors Among Us: The Japanese American 'Resettlement,'" "Densho News: Densho and Collaborators Interview in Denver," "Densho Wins History Award," "Please Forward! Share the eNews with a Friend and Win a Prize," "National News and Events: Report to Congress for Camps Preservation …
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Mas Akiyama Segment 11

A racist encounter following the bombing of Pearl Harbor

This interview was conducted as part of a project to capture stories of the Japanese American community of Spokane, Washington. Densho worked in collaboration with the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture.
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Ko Nishimura Interview Segment 8

Moving to Reedley, California, to try to avoid incarceration, having home shot at
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Joseph Norio Uemura Interview Segment 18

The stoning of church windows following the bombing of Pearl Harbor
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Kara Kondo Interview Segment 19

A frightening incident of racially motivated violence
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Stanley N. Shikuma Interview II Segment 1

A frightening incident in the community right after World War II
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