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Evacuation claims settlement sheet

Under the Japanese American Evacuation Claims Act, Matahichi Iseri claimed $246 in damages from losses due to World War II. In 1952, the Justice Department awarded him a compromise settlement of $226. He was fortunate to receive an amount so close to his original claim, since many Japanese Americans received …
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Application for relocation assistance

This application for relocation assistance was filled out on February 15, 1946, by Mae Iseri, under her married name of Mae Yamada. The application lists herself and her two sons. They wished to relocate to Kent, Washington, and were granted $25.
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Group of women and children sitting at outdoor table

Likely at the Anderson Ranch Dam project. Printed on front: April 1946
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Leave clearances

Approval of indefinite leave for resettlement for Kichio Allen Arai and Nobu Arai.
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U.S. government propaganda

George Yoshida Interview Segment 20

Feeling self-conscious after the bombing of Pearl Harbor; hearing racist propaganda, rumors
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 85, No. 11 (September 9, 1977)

Selected article titles: "60,000 Witness L.A.'s Nisei Week Parade" (p.1-2), "Hawaii Leaders Stay Cool to Japanese Investment" (p.1, 3), "OWI's Parachute News Found" (p.3), "Bilingual Education" (p.4).
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Manzanar From Inside Out

Text of address by Roy Nash, Director of the Manzanar War Relocation Project, given to the Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco, on July 31, 1942 for the purpose of "interpret[ing] the actuality of a War Relocation Center housing 10,000 evacuees" in view of perceptions of mistreatment of incarcerees in …
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Woman takes a photograph of a girl

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Harry takes a photograph

Harry, likely Pvt. Harry Taketa, wearing a military uniform holds a camera to his eye. Written beside photograph on scrapbook page, partially obscured: Harry, "Up to his old trick," ...aught in Feb 1944, ... at the depot.
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 106, No. 12 (March 25, 1988)

Selected article titles: "Reagan's Civil Rights Veto Overridden" (pp. 1, 3), "Census Bureau Reverses Plan to Lump Asian Americans Together" (p. 1), "Nikkei Women Photo Exhibit Planned" (p. 2), "No Reparations for Nisei Internees" (p. 5), and "The Myth of 'Military Necessity'" (p. 5).
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