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Tule Lake scrapbook

Scrapbook created in Tule Lake camp by Japanese American students. Contents include drawings, art, holiday greeting cards prints, poetry and signatures of student groups. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: mei_03_20_001
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Tule Lake scrapbook illustrated page

Scrapbook page features a pastel drawing of women showering and in various states of undress in camp barracks. Illustration is accompanied by a poem "Barrack room ballads" about the lack of both privacy and comfort of women using camp barracks showers and toilets. Tule Lake scrapbook (ucsb_mei_0053), page 31. See …
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Fresno West Side

Oral history interview with Mr. Nori Masuda, Mrs. Masako Inada, Mrs. Fumi Nakajima, and Mrs. Setsu Hirasuna. Information on the oral history project is found in: csuf_stp_0012A; Glossary in: csuf_stp_0014. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: FCPL Fresno West Side
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Scatterbrain masterpieces: short stories, poetry, jokes, cartoons, carnival editions

Student created magazine consisting of several drawings, poems, and short stories including: "Spectacular flight" by Mary Furuta, "Nisei learns to smile again" by Teiko Hamaguchi, "Small but solid" by Sam Himoto, "Terrific teens" by Rose Hiraoka, "Too young" by Toshi Iwasaki, "Glamour ain't hay" by Helen Kanemasu, "Alone with brother" …
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Poem written in camp

Jim Yoshihara wrote the poem "Damned Fence" while incarcerated at Minidoka.
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Pencil sketch of Abalone Hill with barracks and poetry

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Gidra, Vol. I, No. 3 (June 1969)

Selected article titlese: "The Persecution Rests" (p. 1), "CS, It's a Gas!" (p. 1), "Reflections in a Slanted Eye" (p. 2), "Grapes Are Coming!" (p. 4).
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Gidra, Vol. I, No. 4 (July 1969)

Selected article titles: "Experimental College Starts" (p. 1), "Yellow Brotherhood Food for Thought" (p. 1), "Blind Reflections?" (p. 2), "The Misunderstanding in Chinatown" (p. 4).
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