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Cross-racial relations

Interracial gathering

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Tolerance Appeal Made for Japanese (December 11, 1941)

The Seattle Daily Times, December 11, 1941, p. 14
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Refusing a Marriage License. (September 29, 1910)

The Seattle Daily Times, September 29, 1910, p. 6
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Two Japanese Blame War On Chinese (October 28, 1937)

The Seattle Daily Times, October 28, 1937, p. 2
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Many Races and Creeds Mingle at Evening of International Friendship (January 15, 1933)

The Seattle Daily Times, January 15, 1933, p. 3
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Chinese Girl, Taken for Jap, Embarrassed (January 1, 1945)

The Seattle Daily Times, January 1, 1945, p. 3
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Japanese Reports Stabbing by Filipino (March 18, 1942)

The Seattle Daily Times, March 18, 1942, p. 3
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May Bring Trouble. Indians Say the Japs Must Not Fish for Salmon. (July 6, 1901)

The Seattle Daily Times, July 6, 1901, p. 4
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Children and young adult

Pacific Citizen, Vol. 116, No. 18 (May 7, 1993)

Select article titles: "Teaching Internment" (p. 1); "Japanese American exhibit still on view at Smithsonian" (p. 3); "The Nisei legacy" (p. 8).
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Obon Festival- Dancers

Black and white photographic print of six Obon dancers posing for the camera holding small Japanese and American flags. From left to right: Eddie Tamiyasu, Atsuko "Alice" Kida, Jean (Tsujimura) Takashima, Jean Yasuko (Kida) Tomita, Shizuko "Shiz" (Ochiai) Ota Okasaki, Atsuko "Alice" (Matsumoto) Ando. Obon is an annual event hosted …
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