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Cross-racial relations

The Northwest Times Vol. 2 No. 103 (December 15, 1948)

"JACL Seeks Riders for Trading Act" (p. 1), "JACL-ADC Pushes Move to Extend Soldier Brides' Legislation" (p. 1), "Chicago Unit Told of Bias in Cemeteries" (p. 1)
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The Northwest Times Vol. 1 No. 51 (July 22, 1947)

"Senate Passes Rider to Soldier Brides Act" (p. 1), "House to Debate One Hour on Evacuation Claims Bill" (p. 1), "Tables Deportation, Naturalization Measures" (p. 1).
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The Northwest Times Vol. 4 No. 71 (September 6, 1950)

"Korean Situation Hampers ADC Efforts to Win Boost in Claims Plan Budget" (p. 1), "Walter Bill OK by Truman Expected Soon" (p. 1), "ADC Releases Full Text of GI Bride Bill" (p. 1).
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The Northwest Times Vol. 2 No. 20 (February 28, 1948)

"Ten Sit-Down Strikers Determined to Squat in Former RAF Quarters in Moose Jaw Until March 31" (p. 1), "I.A.M. Awaits End of Alaska Worker Issue" (p. 1), "824 Yankees Wed Japanese Through Jan. 1" (p. 2), "ADC Aide Assured Backing of West Virginia Leaders" (p. 4).
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Tolerance Appeal Made for Japanese (December 11, 1941)

The Seattle Daily Times, December 11, 1941, p. 14
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Refusing a Marriage License. (September 29, 1910)

The Seattle Daily Times, September 29, 1910, p. 6
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Two Japanese Blame War On Chinese (October 28, 1937)

The Seattle Daily Times, October 28, 1937, p. 2
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Many Races and Creeds Mingle at Evening of International Friendship (January 15, 1933)

The Seattle Daily Times, January 15, 1933, p. 3
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Children and young adult

Pacific Citizen, Vol. 116, No. 18 (May 7, 1993)

Select article titles: "Teaching Internment" (p. 1); "Japanese American exhibit still on view at Smithsonian" (p. 3); "The Nisei legacy" (p. 8).
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Obon Festival- Dancers

Black and white photographic print of six Obon dancers posing for the camera holding small Japanese and American flags. From left to right: Eddie Tamiyasu, Atsuko "Alice" Kida, Jean (Tsujimura) Takashima, Jean Yasuko (Kida) Tomita, Shizuko "Shiz" (Ochiai) Ota Okasaki, Atsuko "Alice" (Matsumoto) Ando. Obon is an annual event hosted …
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