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Poem written in camp

Jim Yoshihara wrote the poem "Damned Fence" while incarcerated at Minidoka.
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Pencil sketch of Abalone Hill with barracks and poetry

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Gidra, Vol. II, No. 2 (February 1970)

Selected article titles: "Ford Foundation" (p. 2), "Community Dat at U.C.L.A." (p. 2), "The March" (p. 5), "'White Male Qualities!' Oriental Males Reply" (p. 9).
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Gidra, Vol. I, No. 9 (December 1969)

Selected article titles: "Asian Americans to March for Peace" (p. 2), "U.S. to Return to Okinawa" (p. 2), "Arm Busted at UCLA" (p. 3), "Hi Pot Victory!" (p. 3), "A Requiem for O.C." (p. 7), "The Conscientious Objector" (p. 11), "Change the Draft" (p. 11).
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Gidra, Vol. II, No. 4 (April 1970)

Selected article titles: "ARM and Order" (p. 2), "Peace, or Else" (p. 3). "Gidra Banned from UCLA" (p. 4), "Revolution at Isla Vista" (p. 5), "The Gidra Story" (p. 9), "Yellow Brotherhood" (p. 18), "An Analysis of and Alternatives to Nixon's Welfare Proposals" (p. 19), "Legal Self Defense" (p. 23).
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Gidra, Vol. I, No. 7 (October 1969)

Selected article titles: "Issei Centennial" (p. 2), "Introspect" (p. 3), "Okinawa" (p. 5), "Shhh!: A Nisei Is Speaking" (p. 6), "The Emergence of Yellow Power in America" (p. 8-9).
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Gidra, Vol. I, No. 5 (August 1969)

Selected article titles: "CINCIP Is Here!!" (p. 1), "The Burden of Life" (p. 1), "Hey, Look Me Over" (p. 5), "The Chinese in Los Angeles" (p. 6), "The Korean Americans" (p. 8), "The Filipino Immigrant" (p. 9).
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Gidra, Vol. I, No. 3 (June 1969)

Selected article titlese: "The Persecution Rests" (p. 1), "CS, It's a Gas!" (p. 1), "Reflections in a Slanted Eye" (p. 2), "Grapes Are Coming!" (p. 4).
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