Civil rights

Tsuguo "Ike" Ikeda Interview I Segment 14

Journey to Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho; booing a teacher who spoke of "democracy" in camp

As a teenager prior to World War II, began keeping scrapbooks with newspaper articles and memorabilia, a lifetime habit.
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Diana Morita Cole Interview Segment 17

Meeting future husband and getting involved in the Civil Rights Movement
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Diana Morita Cole Interview Segment 18

Making the decision to move to Canada
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Mike Murase Interview II Segment 10

The importance of the Black experience in the U.S.
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Chapter 8: At War Relocation Authority

Unpublished autobiographical writing by C. Moxley Featherston about the years he worked at the War Relocation Authority as an lawyer. The writing includes stories from his years a Project Attorney at Gala River, Granada, and Minidoka, and his thoughts about the legal arguments and politics surrounding the incarceration. He was …
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Judge Admits Ito To Practice In Federal Courts (April 24, 1936)

The Seattle Daily Times, April 24, 1936, p. 7
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36 New Lawyers Are Given Oath (February 14, 1936)

The Seattle Daily Times, February 14, 1936, p. 8
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Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians (CWRIC)

Pacific Citizen, Vol. 44, No. 8 (February 22, 1957)

Selected article titles: "Deadline seen for claims compromise: Dec. 31, 1958 target date planned as government confers with attorneys" (p. 1); "Anti-Nisei Film on TV Protested by C.L. Offical" (p. 1); I&NS extends alien pre-exam method for status change" (p.1); U.S. admits 5,200 from Japan in 1956, mostly as GI …
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 44, No. 12 (March 22, 1957)

Select article titles: "Japan Actor to Visit Hollywood, Aided stranded Nisei during War" (p. 1); "Simplified form for renunciant now at I&NS" (p.1); "Purple Heart veteran steals ring; nets $10, but faces 15-yr. prison term" (p. 3); "Busy start for Monterey Peninsula CL, auxiliary and Boy Scouts calendared" (p. 5); …
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 89, No. 2072 (December 7, 1979)

Selected article titles: "Commission-Approach Ideally Suited for Internment Experience" (pp. 1, 3), "Federal Ombudsman Proposed for All Iranians" (p. 1), "Useful Function of S 1649/HR 5499" (p. 4), and "West Wind: 'Hito Hata: Raise the Banner' a Surprise Hit" (pp. 5, 7).
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