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Higher education

Nobu Suzuki Interview I Segment 16

Moving to San Francisco and working for the YWCA

References are made to several of Nobu Suzuki's personal papers, which are currently available for public perusal at the University of Washington's Manuscripts and University Archives.
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Alan Nishio Segment 10

Entering graduate studies while increasing political activism
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Alan Nishio Segment 12

Taking a faculty position at California State University, Long Beach
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Art Abe Interview Segment 12

Attending the University of Washington knowing that it was difficult for Japanese Americans to find work
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James Hirabayashi Interview Segment 6

Returning to San Francisco State during a time of student unrest
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Amy Uyematsu Interview I Segment 5

Attending UCLA and joining an Asian American sorority
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Jim Akutsu Segment 8

Attending college and choosing a field of study

Interview was conducted over two days because of delays caused by technical difficulties.
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Toru Sakahara - Kiyo Sakahara Interview I Segment 22

The role of the University Students Club in providing housing

This interview was conducted over two days at the Sakaharas' home.
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Bob Suzuki Segment 16

Becoming president at Cal Poly Pomona
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Bob Suzuki Segment 13

Continuing activism while assistant dean at UMass Amherst
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