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Emiko and Chizuko Omori Collection
Title: Frank Emi Interview
Narrator: Frank Emi
Interviewers: Emiko Omori (primary), Chizu Omori (secondary)
Location: San Francisco, California
Date: March 20, 1994
Densho ID: denshovh-efrank-01-0009

FE: We used to have a full house at these meetings that we held in the mess halls. The mess halls held three or four hundred people and I guess many times we had standing room only because this interest was so great, you know, this affected everybody in a very certain way that everybody was very aware of the seriousness of the situation, so they came out. Well, at the third, after the third bulletin was issued, we presented this resolution to the body at large and the response was unanimous to go along with this resolution of refusing to go. I think 99 percent. And even at this meeting there was one or two that were in ROTC that spoke up against it. Well, actually, we thought that we would probably get a great majority to refuse to answer their draft notices, but as it turned out, why, not everybody resisted. When their notices started to come, then many of them kind of got afraid of going to jail, so they answered the draft hoping maybe they won't pass the physical. In our case, there was in the Fair Play Committee, boys that refused to go, there was many in there that would have failed the draft because they had stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, bad eyes and things like that, but because they felt so strongly about it, they, instead of going to the physical to fail it, they just stood up for a principle and went to jail instead.

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