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Title: Sue K. Embrey Interview
Narrator: Sue K. Embrey
Interviewer: Glen Kitayama
Location: University of California, Los Angeles
Date: September 11, 1997
Densho ID: denshovh-esue-01-0005

SE: As soon as I got back, I went around looking for a rental, anything. It was amazing, I found a lot of discrimination again. You know, I would get on, take money with me, go to a public phone, 'cause they weren't building, they weren't making telephones yet, because the war had just ended and all of the companies had gone into war work, so they were converting, and so we applied because my brother was a veteran, and they were giving preference to veterans. But we didn't have a telephone, so I would go into these public phone booths, and call all these numbers in the papers, you know, advertising rentals. And amazing, the minute I said my name, "Oh, we don't rent to Japanese, we don't rent to Asians." Orientals at that time. Had a hard time looking for something. And then I thought, "Well, maybe we could try buying something." So I called the real estate agencies, and they'd say the same thing: "We don't sell to," you know, "we don't sell to Japs, we don't sell to Orientals."

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