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Title: Gordon Hirabayashi Interview III
Narrator: Gordon Hirabayashi
Interviewers: Tom Ikeda (Primary), Alice Ito (Secondary)
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: December 5, 1999
Densho ID: denshovh-hgordon-03-0002

GH: Another person that we mentioned in our discussion was former Senator Mary Farquharson.

TI: Let's talk about her.

GH: All right.

TI: So how did you meet her? GH: Well, I met her because she was a very frequent speaker at the YW/YM activities. And she was constantly around because she was an advisor to the YW movement. And so as a liberal democrat, she was on the left-wing fringe of the democratic movement. And so activities like the conscientious objectors were very close to her, too,


GH: Yes. Mary became the secretary of our defense committee, Gordon Hirabayashi Defense Committee. And in effect, as a senator and as a wife of a professor, she could afford to become like the unpaid executive secretary of our movement. So she was the articulate person who represented us to the public, and did a very positive, phenomenal job all through the war. And we've been personal friends ever since. She came frequently to bring news, including like when she would visit Tule Lake, speak to different groups. She would look up my -- my family, and would come back with reports about what she had exchanged in conversation with them and that sort of thing.

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