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Title: Junkoh Harui Interview
Narrator: Junkoh Harui
Interviewer: Donna Harui
Location: Bainbridge Island, Washington
Date: July 31, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-hjunkoh-01-0016

DH: In retrospect, do you feel guilty that you didn't have to go to camp?

JH: And it was my father's goal then, to start a nursery under the name of Harui Gardens on the west side of the property.

DH: And did he succeed in doing that?

JH: Somewhat. He was not totally successful because we were undercapitalized, and he was getting a little bit older, and didn't have the energy level that he had previously. So, they eked out a living all those years. It was a very difficult life, but they seemed to eke out a living and were able to sustain themselves, and... but he never, I think, reached the goal that he wanted to be, wanted the Bainbridge, or Harui Gardens to be what it was.


DH: Did he ever talk about the loss, that he wasn't able to restore it?

JH: Well, yes, on occasion. There was only one occasion which this came out. One time, he took me along on a planting job, and he was pointing out several trees in people's yards and said, "You know, those are mine." And so, I'm sure the hurt was there.

DH: But he never really talked about it?

JH: Never really, no.

DH: How do you think he felt?

JH: Oh, I'm sure he was crushed when he saw all the years that were, that he had put in to build the Bainbridge Gardens up, totally devastated. I mean, it was, it must have been real traumatic for him. But you know, he never expressed that to -- at least not to me. I guess the positive effect of trying to rebuild was his goal, and apparently he put the past behind him.

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