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Title: Mutsu Homma Interview
Narrator: Mutsu Homma
Interviewers: Dee Goto (primary), Becky Fukuda (secondary)
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: August 27, 1997
Densho ID: denshovh-hmutsu-01-0036

DG: And then you went to Amache.

MH: Amache, yes.

DG: By...

MH: Train. Amache, Amache camp guarded by very young soldiers. One time soldier stop me and, "Hey you." "You want to talk to me?" He said, "Yeah. Are you a human being?" I said, "Yes. Don't you think so?" "Yeah, you look like a human being, but when I came from South Carolina, they said that Jap is not a human being. They are like a gorilla so if you want to, kill them. That's what I learn when I came. And then I looked from top every day and you people look like a human being and you people all wearing beautiful clothes." Because old clothes, we throw that away and then selected one case of, suitcase, good clothes only

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