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Title: Frank S. Kawana Interview
Narrator: Frank S. Kawana
Interviewer: Sharon Yamato
Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: September 19, 2011
Densho ID: denshovh-kfrank_4-01-0009

FK: You know, being a boy and looking for animals to pets, in other words looking for pets and so we thought we'd catch some rabbits and we tried that for several weeks and you can't catch a rabbit it's... they're too smart. But I noted that the corner of the camp where they administrators lived they had cages where they kept their rabbits.

SY: Really?

FK: Now whether they kept it for as a pet or whether they kept it as a food because the people in the south they eat a lot of things that we normally don't eat. So I got my gang together and four of us went there and we snuck up on this cage and we stole about four or five bunnies. And we brought it back and we kept it in the boiler room where it's always warm and we fed the bunnies milk and then the little kids in the block said they'd like some pets too. So I told them alright I'll get some more for you. And I gathered my troop again and we ventured to... you know, you should never attack the same place twice. This is what I learned and to this day I remember that, you never go to the same place twice. And I went back there and we saw that guy, the adult there, he was doing gardening work and we kept... we lied low and then as soon as he went into the house I said, "Okay come on let's go." So we went in there and I snuck up there and just as I put my hand in there he comes running out of the house with a hoe in his hand and I tell you... did you know that if you're scared and you're running your feet doesn't touch the ground? We took off so fast we kept running and we ran out of the camp.

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