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Title: Masamizu Kitajima Interview
Narrator: Masamizu Kitajima
Interviewer: Tom Ikeda
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Date: June 12, 2010
Densho ID: denshovh-kmasamizu-01-0019

MK: The only thing I remember, the best thing I remember, the most heartening thing I remember is we got into Arkansas, Jerome, probably about, I would say ten o'clock, or probably closer to nine o'clock at night. And as we approached they said, "Oh, you're getting closer to Jerome." I don't know how they knew. Somebody said we were getting closer to Jerome, and as we got to Jerome I saw a big bonfire. Big, big fire. The guy, the people in Jerome were burning, had a bonfire from old crates and lumber and stuff like that, just to greet us. So the train pulled in, and as we got out the people helped us get off the train, and we all stood around the fire and held hands. After... these people, all the people from California who was, who was sent to Jerome earlier and who had, who knew that we were coming in from Hawaii, so they came out to greet us and help us out. And I guess they knew we're cold. They had blankets, lots of blankets with them. I don't know where they got the blankets from, 'cause I know they were... after we got in we couldn't get blankets, but I don't know whether they snuck these blankets in for us. So we had blankets, and we could warm up, stay warm. They put us on trucks and shipped us to the, our assigned barracks, and they came and helped us, until we got settled down. Lit the fire in the pot-bellied stove for us and stuff like that, helped us, "This is how you do things." Taught us how to do it.

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