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Title: Shig Miyaki Interview
Narrator: Shig Miyaki
Interviewers: Tom Ikeda (primary); Barbara Takei (secondary)
Location: Torrance, California
Date: September 22, 2009
Densho ID: denshovh-mshig_2-01-0013

SM: Well, there must have been some people that knew. But when we went to the mountain, we took another route. See, they used to have a reservoir above the camp, and they used to have people that used to watch the reservoir, they used to have a little shack there, that they used to rotate and stay there. And at night, they used to have a change of shift, and we used to, we got on the panel truck, and everybody would lie down on the back, and then what these people did was they opened the gate and then they closed it, and then go under the tower, and they'd tell 'em that they're the crew for the reservoir.

TI: So did you have adequate clothing?

SM: Yeah, we had a sleeping bag. You know, in those days, sleeping bag was pretty bulky, you know. Nowadays have a lot, compact sleeping bags. But in those days... so, you know, there was eight of us that went out there. And half of the guys used to carry two sleeping bag on their back, plus other stuff in between. And the others carried other equipment, pots and pans.

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