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Title: Paul Nagano Interview
Narrator: Paul Nagano
Interviewers: Stephen Fugita (primary), Becky Fukuda (secondary)
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: May 25, 1999
Densho ID: denshovh-npaul-01-0006

PN: Well, this is interesting, in that I had a few friends of mine, and we put out a little chorus book. We called it 101 Choruses. And we called our little group, "His Majesty's Envoys." And we had these little books printed -- not the music, but just the words -- and 101 of them. We circulated to all the churches and then eventually into the camps. But they're all these little choruses that they sang -- "Oh, Wonderful Love," "The Love of God For Me," "It Is Spring Time in My Heart" -- these hymns of assurance and joy. Choruses, so they can just remember them. And you can just sing them one after the other, you know. And as far as young people go, in that I was young then -- we just -- and even in the cars, the train that going over to one of these concentration camps, they didn't know what was befalling them. But we would have a good sing-fest in the coach. And it was very therapeutic. I thought it meant so much, just for them to have that very naive and simple faith in God in a time of uneasy, unknown future.

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