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Title: Arthur Ogami Interview
Narrator: Arthur Ogami
Interviewer: Alice Ito
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: March 10, 2004
Densho ID: denshovh-oarthur-01-0026

AO: And when we arrived, there were already Romanians, prisoners. And they were actually prisoners. Most of 'em were in the air force of the Romanian country. And by conversation with the Romanians there, that they were captured and transferred to South America. And then from South America they were transferred up and ended in Bismarck, North Dakota. And they were good to us. We got along well, although they were separated in a separate section of the camp. And there were musician among them and doctors. And they were very talented in music, so we had the privilege of listening to their music playing, violin especially. They were string instruments.

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