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Densho Visual History Collection
Title: Walt Woodward Interview
Narrator: Walt Woodward
Interviewers: Donna Harui (primary), Mij Woodward (secondary)
Location: Bainbridge Island, Washington
Date: May 11, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-wwalt-01-0006

DH: The day of the evacuation, we've seen the video of the pictures... of the islanders, the Japanese being trooped on to the ferry.

WW: Yes.

DH: And then, you were there in Seattle, when they were boarded onto the train.

WW: That's right.

DH: Can you remember, can you describe what that looked like?

WW: Well there were the... you know the overpass?

DH: On Alaskan Way.

WW: Yeah, you couldn't get any more people on that overpass, they were all there, looking down on us.

DH: And they put them on a train.

WW: And they put them on a train and... some of our kids... ran along side the train, until the train was going a pretty good clip and they couldn't keep up anymore. And this famous -- is that the right word for it? -- picture of the kids waving through the window...

DH: Uh-huh... the Hayashidas, uh-huh. And there were tears, tears on everyone's faces...

WW: Oh hell, yes.

DH: ...soldiers...

WW: The soldiers were the ones that were crying. They knew, finally, what they really were doing and it just got to 'em.

DH: It must have been a very emotional story to cover.

WW: It was, honey, it was... it was indeed.