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Title: Frank Yamasaki Interview I
Narrator: Frank Yamasaki
Interviewers: Lori Hoshino (primary), Stephen Fugita
Location: Lake Forest Park, Washington
Date: August 18, 1997
Densho ID: denshovh-yfrank-01-0031

FY: Yes, they were out but then it wasn't that long and they had a small flat, you know, that some friends by word of mouth, each one would find places for one another. Very small room and, but you know, again, gaman, and you start from there. And at the same time, other Japanese were in the same, similar situation. They were all having to start from scratch. And I know my dad, he went back to this factory where he was a foreman for years and years, and now this little boy that he trained, the boss' son is grown and he was the one managing it. And I remember one day when he came home, his face was just like a sheet, white as a sheet. The boss, apparently, things had changed during the wartime and they have a different manager and a different way of operation and I guess the boss said, "Yama, you stay home." He built the business for the company, you might say. And so when he was told to stay home, it just really killed him, you might say. And it's like a big fish in a small pond. He had certain respect being the, because a lot of these machine power workers were hired by him. They wanted Japanese employees, so then he worked, went to one of the semi-relative or close friend who had a restaurant and he went over there to wash dishes. I saw him. He died. He was hurt, his pride and everything else. So the pain of after the war is, I think, much more severe.

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