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Title: Tak Yamashita Interview
Narrator: Tak Yamashita
Interviewer: Martha Nakagawa
Location: Oxnard, California
Date: September 14, 2011
Densho ID: denshovh-ytak-01-0025

TY: Went through Las Vegas and it was about four, five o'clock in Las Vegas, I believe, and as we were going we came, next big town was St. George. We stopped over there and asked to fill our tank up, and they decided that they don't sell gasoline to Japs. "Get out of here. We don't sell no gas to Japs." So we told 'em so what, there'd be somebody'd sell us gas. Then we said the heck with you and then we just went on. And then we went to about three gas stations, I think, and then they said they don't sell gas to Japs, this and that, then third gas station says, "Well, you guys want gasoline? How much do you want?" "Can you fill the tank up?" "Sure." They fill the tank up. There's some good people on the road. And then that was about six, seven, maybe six, seven, eight o'clock, something like that. I don't quite recall.

And then so nighttime came and it got dark and we had to sleep someplace, and so we stopped at a motel, said, "No, we don't rent no rooms to Japs," so okay, if you don't rent no rooms to Japs, well, we'll find somebody that wants our money. We just went along, we stopped another place. "No, we're all full up. All full." "How come you got a vacancy sign here?" "We're filled up. We forgot to take it down." Okay, forgot to take it down. Okay. So then about two o'clock in the morning -- I think it was about two o'clock in the morning -- we were so tired and then we saw a little bitty old motel on the side of the street. We rang the bell 'cause it said ring the bell, so we rang the bell. Some old lady comes out, "What do you want, boys?" "We'd like a room if you got a room." "Yeah, we got some rooms. You guys want to stay for a night?" "Yeah, we'd like to stay for a night. Thank you. Other guys won't let us, won't rent us a room, so I appreciate you guys renting a room to us." So she says okay, say, "Okay, what's the price?" Five or ten dollars, I don't quite remember. We paid 'em for one night and then we slept there 'til twelve o'clock. [Laughs] And then we went on.

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