Japanese emigrants and their descendants living outside (and sometimes inside) Japan. A broader term (since it includes Japanese Brazilians, Japanese Canadians, etc.), "Nikkei" it has come to be used as an alternative to "Japanese American" by some. As a newer term, how exactly one is to use it—and who is or is not Nikkei—is still being worked out.

A handful of Japanese American organizations use the term "Nikkei" instead of "Japanese American"; see for instance the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center ( or the San Jose Nikkei Matsuri (

"Nikkei" is also the name of a popular index for the Tokyo Stock Exchange, akin to the Dow Jones Industrial Average for the New York Stock Exchange.

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Discover Nikkei. [A project of the Japanese American National Museum, brings together resources from Nikkei communities around the world.]

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